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something from the archives: say goodbye - part 21

see the links for parts 12345678910111213141516171819, and 20. part 21 will follow the break.

Part 21

Michael leaned in to kiss Liz, but she wiggled away before his lips could brush hers. “What—“

“It’s my turn for fun, love. All you have to do is close your eyes.” Liz smiled as she whispered seductively in his ear.

Michael looked deep into her warm chocolate eyes that shone with a heat he was sure mirrored his own. And closed his eyes, obeying her command filled with promise.

She stole a moment to watch his capitulation, to see him breathe with ease as he waited for her to work her magic. And she was filled with awe; because it was that moment she knew that Michael trusted her. And it was that moment that allowed her to believe.

But enough distraction it was time to pay Michael back for that trick with his hands. She found two ribbons on her vanity and used them to tie Michael to the bedposts. He opened his eyes as soon as he felt the knot tighten around his right wrist.


“What is it that you say…payback…ain’t it a bitch?”

“Liz?” Michael’s voice strangled as he watched her climb over him. The ties she had used didn’t allow him to touch her. Slowly she began her sensual assault on his body. She kissed him on the forehead, tempting him with the sight of her pert breasts so near his face. He tried to catch on of her rock hard nipples with his mouth but she moved away too quickly, placating him only by taking his mouth with hers. Deeply she thrust her tongue, sucking and nibbling his lips, she wriggled her ass against his lap, where his cock jutted out proudly, aching only for her, for release within her.

But she was set on her revenge. She would make him beg for what only she could give him. Leaving his lips behind she moved to lick his clavicle, the point at the base of his neck where his pulse throbbed noticeably. She sucked hard on his skin, tasting the salty earthiness of him, marking him as hers. It never ceased to surprise her that someone so not-of-this-earth could taste like he was so much a part of it.

“Liz…” moaned Michael as he strained against the knots that tied him to the bed. Helpless to fight Liz’s intentions, reveling in the passion that flared between them. He wanted this night never to end. He could feel Liz’s warm moist core, so near his own straining member, and yet completion seemed to lie so far off.

Liz molded her hands around his shoulders, feeling the muscles that packed his broad frame. She kneaded his skin tenderly before moving to pay attention to his pectorals. Raking her fingernails lightly over his nipples, the peaks hardened in response. Liz leaned forward and pressed her chest against Michael’s, rubbing their bodies together back and forth.

Michael groaned at the sensations racing through his body, every nerve ending felt like it was on fire. There was no part of him that wasn’t consumed by Liz. It was frightening, the control he’d surrendered. But he knew that he couldn’t have chosen to trust a better person.

Keeping their bodies pressed together, Liz dragged herself down Michael’s length, stopping when she felt his erection against her breasts. She whirled her tongue in Michael’s bellybutton, sucking on it, while his body bucked in response. She continued her descent.

She just stared at his crotch for a few moments, contemplating where to start. Finally deciding on a course of action, she trailed one fingertip up and down his length, lightly kissing the engorged head. She played with him that way until he was shouting her name, finally grabbing his penis with both hands, she rubbed them up and down his shaft, squeezing slightly and pulling intermittently. Michael’s body bucked wildly on the bed, his voice hoarse, he couldn’t even express what it was he wanted. Liz had driven him beyond coherence.

Moving her hands to cup his testicles she took the entire length of him entirely, she sucked and moved her mouth up and down his shaft. Hearing a crack, she suddenly felt Michael’s hands twist in her hair and before she knew what was happening he was driving himself into her. Penetrating her opening and moving in and out of her wildly, Michael was beyond reason. And his ferocity fueled her own passion, they rode each other hard.

Until finally, Michael slammed deep within her, Liz felt as if he had sheathed himself within her very soul. She felt him climax just as she found her own release. Screaming out each other’s names, they shivered in the aftershock, the afterglow.

They slept. Joined as one. They slept until light began to creep in through the windows.


Michael awoke to find the bed empty and broken. He quickly repaired the damage he had caused last night and then wrapped himself in a sheet before looking for Liz. She was sitting outside on her balcony, wrapped in a blanket looking out to where the sun rose in the east. He stepped out of her bedroom to join her.

He sat down and took her in his arms. “I fixed the bed.”

She snuggled into his embrace and leaned her head back to kiss him. “Thank you. That might have been hard to explain.”

“Baby, I—“

“Oh, Michael. Do you believe?”

“I believe? Actually, I do. In us. But there are more people that we have to consider.”

“Maria and Max.” Liz sighed grudgingly. She knew she didn’t want to hurt them, but she hated the added complications it signified for her relationship with Michael.

“I thought we could do this one night. But now that I’ve had you, Liz Parker, I am never letting you go. Maxwell was a fool. But even though we are well within our rights to be involved. Maria’s all but broken up with me and Max and you are just friends, it’ll hurt them anyway.”

“I know. It’s just…Michael, I want to shout it out from the rooftops. You were amazing that was my first time, and I’m so glad it was with you.”

“Oh baby, I—baby…crap. Liz, we didn’t use anything…no protection against babies…what if—“

“Shh. I’m pretty sure we’re safe. But I’m getting on the pill as soon as possible.”

Michael still looked freaked out by the thought of Liz being pregnant. Liz would have been surprised to know that it wasn’t the thought of being a father that was freaking Michael out, it was how much he wanted Liz to be pregnant with his child that was making him flip out.

“Michael? Um…I know we’ll be keeping this quiet. Mainly for Max and Maria, I actually think Kyle and Isabel would be okay with us. But do you mind spending the weekend with me?”

“Yeah. I’d love that. Liz…I should tell you….” Michael’s voice trailed off.


“I love you.” He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, watch her grow round with his children, watch her laugh and cry, make love every moment they could, savor every kiss, be with her. He just wanted to be with Liz. And even though he didn’t express all he thought. Liz knew.

“I love you, Michael Guerin.” Liz smiled as she spoke. It was the perfect moment, the sun rising on the new day, their new beginning. It wouldn’t all be easy, she knew that.

But she was prepared to love Michael every step of the way.

Just as he was prepared to love her.

There would be no goodbyes for them. It was comforting to know that. That they would never say goodbye.

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