Saturday, May 6, 2017

seriously romantic: getting lucky number seven by cindi madsen

in getting lucky number seven, lyla wilder isn't doing much to live up to her name. she's shy and focused on her studies and isn't one to go out partying. after a particularly bad blind date she decides that she is clearly not doing college right. so she enlists her best friend, hot shot hockey player beck davenport to help her come up with a list of things to do to ensure that she's really enjoying her college years.

beck goes along with this plan at first, because he thinks that maybe he needs to protect lyla. but when he notes that she's added mindblowing sex to the list of things she should accomplish, he starts to notice all the things he'd purposely ignored while their relationship existed in the friend zone.

convinced that they can keep things casual they cross the lines of friendship. but it's impossible to live with the haziness of friends with benefits for too long. when things get to be too much for beck, when he lets lyla in further than he ever meant to he abruptly pulls back. and this hurts her deeply. she discovered parts of herself that she didn't know existed with beck, and his refusal to trust her, to trust in their friendship, to trust in the deeper feelings clearly growing between them is devastating.

and what's worse, now that she is heartbroken, she doesn't have a best friend to turn to. luckily she gets along with her roommate, but it's not the same. when beck pulls out all the stops for a grand, romantic gesture, it's exactly the right thing to win her back.

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