Tuesday, April 28, 2009

simply everyday heroes

so "general hospital" has been particularly terrible of late. i've said before that i can't stand the lead-up to the drawn-out reveal to the "who is responsible for michael's shooting" non-mystery. at this point half of port charles knows it was claudia, and like most rational people they think it is despicable that she ordered the hit, but they still do NOTHING with the information. why? because actually prosecuting someone in a rational manner is INCOMPREHENSIBLE in port charles, and that alexis davis is so just busy eating brownies in random storylines. this leaves it to sonny and jason to decide that their own brand of justice is what needs to prevail.

here's the thing, them needing claudia to pay for her part in the conspiracy makes no sense because it is so hypocritical. their need to kill her doesn't quite equate michael spending time in a coma. (especially since we all know he is going to recover). the whole thing is stupid and sucks up so much time on this show. and it's BORING. the there is the never-ending ppd storyline and ethan the toothy australian who may or may not be luke's long-lost son.

so it's funny to realize that the most awesome thing about "general hospital" recently was this piece of news:

Dancing With the Stars champ and General Hospital fixture Kelly Monaco shimmied for safety in her hotel bedroom early Thursday morning after a robber broke into her Las Vegas penthouse.

The 32-year-old actress was asleep at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino when she heard a burglar rummaging in the living room, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She ducked quietly behind the bed but the intruder never entered the bedroom.

Kelly called police after the thief left, and a man was arrested later that day. There are no details about what was taken.

source yahoo news via eonline.

Monday, April 20, 2009

simply all star wars references are awesome

"some like it hoth" put enough of a taste for "star wars" that i ended up watching the original trilogy this weekend. this is always something that puts me in a good mood. growing up, my family spent some time in argentina, and we didn't have very many viewing options in terms of english language television, so the three star wars films and "back to the future" were pretty much the only things that my siblings watched (aside from the six hour tapes of "pinwheel" that my grandparents sent us, but those were considerably less cool and not as fun to watch).

anyway, that's an aside. but last week's episode of "lost" was not necessarily my favorite. miles isn't my favorite character (and it goes without saying that there wasn't enough sawyer in the episode for my taste. by the by, people are calling him jim and james these days, and i mean, i know that sawyer was always his alias, but i just don't see him as a jim or a james. so i think i will continue to refer to him as sawyer, no matter what he might be calling himself on the show.) so i wasn't so interested in learning more about his backstory--in fact i had guessed most of his backstory so seeing it unfold didn't exactly make for riveting television. but there were a few gems:

if there were a spin-off called the miles and hurley show, i would totally watch it. they are really funny together and provide some nice relief from the heavy themes and dark pasts this show is constantly exploring.

we also learned more about the swan, about when and where it is being built. so does hurley, and who knows what mischief he'll get up to trying to prevent the plane crash that originally brought him to the island. i'm sure that dan faraday will have plenty to say about that since his theory has been "whatever happened, happened" and i'm sure that "the variable" will give us some further insight into what is going on with the island and the time-traveling. at least i hope it does.

simply dead is dead

so this is two week's overdue and i will keep it short:

michael emerson is just an amazing presence on "lost," i mean, who knows what ben is really up to? he says one thing and turns around and does another. this episode was a nice look at ben's past. it clarified widmore's and ben's past on the island, let us see how alex came to be ben's adopted daughter, and showed us what was up with penny and desmond.

and even though i was happy to see desmond, i was still sad that there was no dharma initiative storyline this episode. and the thing is when sawyer isn't on, i'm less engaged. i mean i still enjoy the episode but i have less to say.

one thing that is interesting is the idea of the smoke monster casting judgment on the characters. since mr. eko's death we've theorized that this is the case, but finally we get to see how it works. interesting that john locke knows something that ben himself does not. and even more interesting that the smoke monster's punishment is to inform ben that he must follow locke's lead. seeing how the dynamics of this pairing changes through the rest of the season will be very interesting indeed.

for sun's sake, and for the rest of the lostaways stuck in the past, i hope that locke figures out how to reunite everyone in the same time. i can't wait for that reunion.

photo courtesy of abc.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

simply watching a bit too much tv

i've been a bad blogger of late. here's a quick rundown of all the shows i've been watching lately.

1. dollhouse
this show has gotten mixed reviews all over the place, but as each episode progresses and as they tie the story elements together more closely, i like it more and more. i'm terrified that it will all come to nothing. just another show that was too out there, too cultish, asked too many questions without revealing enough. but i like it.

i really like agent ballard. i think claire and boyd have a little chemistry going on and i like it. though topher is a bit annoying, his scenes with adele just work. eliza dushku does an amazing job with echo. i love the victor-sierra coupling and can't wait to see what happens as the dolls start to awaken--that seems to be where they are going. this is the kind of show that feels like it will really get into gear in season 2. i can only hope that we get a season 2.

2. my boys
i love this show and pj and bobby as a couple are very cute. but i still prefer pj and brando. the best part of the show though is when they are all together, sitting around the table, shooting the breeze. they have conversations i've actually had with my friends.

3. the unusuals
i checked this out because amber tamblyn is the female lead. i've been watching her since she was little emily bowen on "general hospital" and couldn't stop now. the show isn't bad, though a little heavy on quirk. we'll see how i feel about episode two.

4. fringe
pacey witter--oops i mean, peter bishop is back! as are walter and olivia and the rest of the fringe group. it's wonderful being back in the lab and i have grown fonder of olivia. she's warming up as a character, and showing her home life makes her more of a person.

but really peter is the reason i watch. and i can only hope that we see more and more of him as the first season comes to a close.

5. chuck
is really bringing its a game lately. with the reveal that chuck's father is orion and the original creator of the intersect as well as chuck challenging the general more actively, things are definitely coming to a head. how fantastic is it that sarah and chuck have gone off the grid to look for chuck's father?

i can't wait to watch what happens. i think it will be game-changing no matter what it is. and i really hope the show gets a 3rd season to show us what results from the conclusion of season 2.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

simply wishing i could find something different to say about gh

some days i feel better about "general hospital" other days i feel worse.

here's what makes me feel worse:

1. all things related to claudia zacchara and michael's shooting. this includes jerry's reappearance in dvd form, ric's smarmy blackmail scheme, jax and olivia knowing, johnny and claudia plotting al the time, jason and sonny vowing to find the person behind michael's shooting.

here's the thing i don't understand. ian devlin shot michael. yes, claudia organized the hit. so when they talk about finding the person behind michael's shooting, it befuddles me, because jason already killed that guy! and organizing the hit is different from shooting michael. at least in my mind.

2. the slow destruction of robin and patrick. i know that not all people love robin and patrick as a couple, but as one of the few romance-oriented storylines on gh i have always been disposed to like them. i think the actors have fantastic chemistry and i have enjoyed watching them come together. and now that they are happily married and have the cutest baby girl, do they get to enjoy it? of course not. i wouldn't mind robin's post-partum depression storyline so much if it didn't have to shoehorn in sonny and jason. mac's refusal to believe that there was anything wrong with robin was great to see, more scenes like this, focused on the scorpios as they deal with this is more interesting to me than to see robin expound on her wrong-headed point of view to sonny and jason who serve merely as enablers.

3. rebecca and nicholas. i don't remember being so annoyed by emily before natalia livingston left gh the first time. but watching rebecca and nicholas deal with rebecca's breast cancer scare is worse than boring, it's excruciatingly boring. especially since both actors don't even seem to want to share the same space. i almost miss tumor emily.

yes, i said it. i'd rather tumor emily came back than have to continue watching rebecca unravel her mysterious past and be revealed to be emily. at least we'd get to emily quicker that way.

4. another baby for sonny. the last thing sonny needs is more children. although i suppose that also means that i'm agreeing with something sonny has said. THE HORROR!! this entire plot verges on the ridiculous, and if it were ridiculously fab that would be one thing, but it's just so seedy.

just thinking about this storyline makes me want to take a shower.

here's what makes me feel better:

1. the younger set. with the exception of winifred, lulu, and ethan, i have to admit that i am enjoying the show's under 30 set. maxie and johnny or maxie and matt are pairing i can root for. and i don't mind maxie and spinelli, though at this point they either need to move forward as either friends or lovers. the ambiguity that is killing spinelli might also kill me. i can't wait to see what happens with the younger set once they SORAS sonny's kids.

2. carly. when did carly become such a grown up?

and yes, that is about it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

simply got to stop running sometime

last week's kate-centric episode of "lost" answered quite a few questions. first and foremost it told us what sawyer asked kate to do for him in the helicopter. it also gave us a little insight into how by going back in time the oceanic survivors affected their own immediate past with the island.

ok, so perhaps that doesn't explain anything. but this episode also gives us the answer to hurley's question. ben doesn't remember the survivors because when the others saved him, when richard took him to the temple, his memory of what happened was lost, as was his innocence. this is how ben becomes the unsentimental being that he is. this is how his destiny is so closely intertwined to the island. he was saved by the island, he owes the island his loyalty. and sayid, jack, kate, juliet, and sawyer are all directly responsible for this.

their actions in 1977 have a direct correlation to what they experienced in 2004. they made ben who he was, sayid by shooting him, jack by refusing to assist juliet during his surgery, juliet by realizing that the others could save him, and kate and sawyer by giving him up to richard. all of this happened. it had happened by 2004, and the reason they needed to go back was so that what happened could happen.

jack doesn't realize this yet. none of them do. but i believe it will become clear in the remaining episodes of the season.

meanwhile, on the relationship front, some very intersting insight into the jack and kate, sawyer and kate, and sawyer and juliet relationships. one of the reasons jack refuses to help juliet with ben is that he has already saved ben once for kate and he doesn't feel the need to do this again. kate tells him she doesn't really like the new jack, and he responds that she didn't really like the old jack either.

in her flashbacks we learn of her relationship with cassidy, sawyer's baby mama. she has told cassidy the truth behind the crash and aaron's parentage. she and cassidy clearly share a close bond, they have both loved sawyer, and according to cassidy he has broken their hearts. cassidy believes that sawyer's jump from the helicopter has less to do with honor but rather more to do with his own cowardice. when kate confronts him about this in 1977 he says that they would have never worked out off the island. when she asks him about juliet he acknowledges that he has done a lot of growing up in the past three years.

having kate back on the island has been a very interesting viewing experience. i have always been a kate/sawyer fan, their cage sex was so hot, and i've always found the characters to have great chemistry and they have always seemed to be made for each other in a way that kate/jack weren't. mostly i just loved the way sawyer looks at kate. everything is different now.

"lafleur" sold me on the juliet/sawyer relationship, something i would have never thought possible. but i like them together. i don't know why, but i do. sawyer and juliet have built a good life together. and the oceanic sixers have come back to ruin it. now there are definitely cracks showing, but it is unclear when everything will shatter around them. "what happened, happened" tries to draw the lines out in the sand, and for the first time in the series it seems that everyone is on sawyer's side and not jack's.

and to be honest, i kind of love it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

simply tripping the light fantastic

pretty awesome. that is what i have to say about "lost." each episode this season has gone about filling in the blanks and propelling the story forward in a compelling manner. "he's our you" isn't likely to figure into my favorite episodes ever, but i simply continue to enjoy where the show is taking us.

how awesome was it that the others idea of torture was to give sayid some acid in order to get him to tell the truth. of course when he did spout the truth it was so far out there that no one believed him, instead choosing to believe that they gave him a bit too much lsd to inspire some real truth-telling.

the episode followed the old flashback format, and though it did fill in some of the blanks with regard to sayid's journey, it left a major question unanswered. what happened between sayid and ben? there's the shooting in russia where they part ways and then they next see each other when ben comes to see sayid in santo domingo. at that point sayid is already incredibly hostile toward ben. what happened between those two moments? what haven't we seen yet?

i know that the producers like to parse out information on a need to know basis, but i think that there may have been some additional emotional heft if we had been able to discover what brought sayid to the point that he would shoot a child. was ben behind nadia's shooting after all? what is the genocide that sayid is referring to?

and because i love to talk about sawyer, the poor guy is doing his best to protect everything he has built and his friends, and of course it is all falling to pieces on him. i love seeing his growth as a leader, but i also love that he is still continually exasperated by the people who surround him. he is in his element as lafleur. and everyone else, the original castaways, they are making his life very difficult.

this week's installment is about kate and provides quite a bit of information. i'll parse it out in a later post.

simply foolish

this could be an april fool's day post. and technically today is april fool's day. but the fools i'm talking about inhabit port charles. somedays i don't know why they are still around. after all "guiding light" -- the longest running soap -- was just canceled. gh has managed to hit a new threshold of terrible.

in list form, here is everything that is wrong with gh:

1. the now non-secret that claudia zacchara was behind michael's shooting

this particular terribleness (is that a word? if not it is a good descriptor for everything on gh lately) is compounded by

2. ric lansing's skeeviness

i mean ewww. do we need to see claudia prostituting herself? way to appeal to your viewers guza...i mean, isn't the average soap opera viewer a woman? what woman would want to watch ric blackmail claudia for sex? speaking of women viewers and what they don't want to see

3. robin's post partum depression

i'm sorry, i wouldn't have a problem with this storyline except that it has managed to bring out the robin scorpio that i detest, you know, the shrill, defensive, unreasonable one, and the patrick that is not hot, you know, the misogynistic, passive-aggressive, unreasonable one. also, why is it that robin can talk to sonny and jason and not to her own husband? and why has elizabeth suddenly become patrick's confidante? the actors have nice chemistry but i'm not ready to see elizabeth and patrick as a couple...though it seems that is where they are headed.

4. waste of the younger set

what the hell are they doing with johnny, maxie, matt, spinelli, lulu, ethan, winifred, etc. first of all, ethan and winifred could just exit the canvas and i'd be a much happier person. secondly, they've insinuated pairing maxie with johnny and matt, though she continues to talk about loving spinelli and not really acting on it in a consistent manner. she makes out with other guys randomly. could they just pick a guy and stick to that pairing? meanwhile, give lulu a storyline that doesn't revolve around a guy for once. i know this is a soap, but as a legacy character with interesting family relationships it might be better having a storyline that revolves around a family mystery rather than her wanting to keep a guy. cause it isn't really working for her.

5. random characters coming in and out of the canvas

the revolving door needs to stop. there is so much talent on gh. in fact that is one of the most frustrating things about the show, the waste of talent. rick hearst, megan ward, nancy lee grahn, greg vaughn, jason cook, leslie charleston, john ingle, jane elliot, becky herbst, that's a pretty impressive roster of talent. not one of them is involved in a storyline that does them justice.

6. mccall and jackal pi

enough said.

7. jerry jacks is alive and well

seriously, why isn't he dead? and why would he send his brother a dvd with information he'd be better off not knowing? who does that? his rationale for sending jax the dvd makes no sense. seriously not one iota of sense.

8. rebecca and breast cancer scare

i wasn't watching gh when emily survived breast cancer. but i think it's a cheap shot if gh decides to rehash the same storyline with the same actress but a different character. although i do think that this is all going to lead to a helena cassidine plot reveal and that rebecca and emily are one and the same person. meanwhile, i'm creeped out by her interactions with nicholas. surprising me even more is that i actually enjoy her scenes more with lucky, of course, since lucky has just been dropped to recurring and this storyline seems to be moving front and center that doesn't seem to indicate that i will be getting a lot of lucky and rebecca. of course, there is also the fact that olivia is also recurring and she manages to get at least 10 scenes a week in, so well, maybe being dropped to recurring isn't such a bad thing.

9. nothing makes sense

i mean it. nothing this show does makes sense.

screencaps courtesy of laurieluvsliason.