Saturday, May 6, 2017

seriously romantic: crazy pucking love by cindi madsen

crazy pucking love, book three of the taking shots series, brings us dane kowalski and megan davenport's story. we met megan in book one of the series, and dane in book two. and these two characters couldn't be more perfect for each other. fellow insomniacs they live an extra life at night. their friendship moves quickly into something more, because being alone together at the crack of dawn is intimate even if you are in a diner with other people.

from the moment they meet dane and megan share a connection. their biggest problem? the fact that beck davenport is dane's team captain and megan's older brother. add dane's over-developed sense of responsibility for others and you have the perfect recipe for commitment issues. it really takes dane and megan a while to figure things out. maybe too long a while, because they are so perfect for each other. but keeping their relationship a secret is only going to last so long, because eventually they will slip up and things will go crazy.

even though a lot of their problems were caused by their inability to express themselves clearly and openly, i still enjoyed reading about them and how they figure things out. it's possible that the very large part the song "kiss you" plays in this novels endears it to me. it's a family favorite in my house. and it's super catchy. and i love that megan is a directioner.

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