Friday, May 26, 2017

seriously romantic: only you by denise grover swank

only you kicks of the bachelor brotherhood series, a spin-off of the delightful wedding pact series i read a while back. kevin vandermeer, megan's brother is the star of the show in this first book. he's come home after serving in the marines and is sick of finding out the women he is dating are crazy. but just when he's sworn off women, he meets holly greenwood, an up-and-coming wedding planner, who works hard to keep the grandmother who raised her comfortable at a nursing home.

holly is kind of an awkward mess around kevin. but the more she embarrasses herself in front of him, the more charmed he is. she's sweet and funny and has no idea how capable and beautiful he finds her. what kevin doesn't know is that holly's uptight and impossible boss is none other than nicole vandermeer, kevin's mother.

realizing that the guy you like has a mom who makes your day-to-day life miserable, is not good. it's even worse when you've accidentally complained about your boss to her son. the thing is, kevin really likes holly. but she needs to keep her job and having a relationship with kevin puts that at risk. kevin agrees to be friends, but its an agreement he has no intention of keeping to.

the more time he spends with holly the more convinced he is that she is the one. and no bachelor pact or crazy mom or dicey job situation is going to change him mind about the fact that what they share is something worth fighting for. it takes holly longer to believe this, but she's more risk averse, having already lost so many people she loves in her life. taking a chance on love, knowing that it could crash and burn, is a big ask. but kevin might just be the perfect guy.

the payoff to the big wedding holly has been planning throughout the story is one of my favorite plot points in the novel. it really worked for me. i'm so glad to be back around this group of characters again, we do get to see what megan and josh are up to, and a flyby visit from libby. and gram, who as always is up to no good.

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