Wednesday, July 1, 2009

simply catching up on all things general hospital

hmmm, it's been months since i've blogged about gh. partly this is due to the fact that i fell behind while i was traveling. partly because all the outrage lapsed into disinterest when i realized i couldn't bring myself to care anymore and everything that was happening was just so trite and boring.

some days i still feel that way. and there are still whole storylines that i either hate or just fast forward through. but there are some good things too. in no particular order, here are my thoughts on the goings-on in port charles:

1. soras [and why re-casting roles works on soaps even if you do miss the original actors]:
the new, older versions of sonny's kids are turning out to be quite enjoyable. [although hilariously, cameron whom i believe is older than molly is now younger. and because cameron is so cute, i'm kind of hoping they won't fix that. we also haven't seen spencer in ages, so he may be approaching 50.] in any case, at this point we've only seen michael, morgan, and christina age up. and as much as i loved the old morgan and kristina, i think the recasts were all really good.

drew garrett has been really good as michael, and as annoying and angry as he is, he's playing a teenager who has lost a year of his life really well. i know a lot of people miss dylan cash, but i think the new guy is doing a really great job, and i think that aging michael up provides a lot of good storylines for everyone involved. and drew garrett has been great, he's played off all the major players really well. the kid has chemistry with everyone [more on that in a second], and he's a cutie as well.

lexi ainsworth has also done an admirable job at portraying the rebellious kristina. i'm really enjoying getting to know this character and think the casting department did a good job here.

and as much as i loved old morgan, the new morgan is cutely dorky. his scenes in the woods with dominic were priceless.

i can't wait to see the new molly. i think the recasts and the aging of sonny's kids are likely to be good things.

the only slightly creepy thing about the recasts are the crazy amounts of chemistry evident between michael and kristina. and i was also recently reminded of the fact that michael and kristina aren't related at all. which has me slightly worried that we will see a weird romance a la justin and rebecca on "brothers & sisters" in the future.

2. who killed the mayor's mistress
i'm as happy as the next person to have alexis on the front burner, but does it have to be at the expense of her overall intelligence as a woman? to be fair, she has had an atrocious track record when it comes to the men she is attracted to. but i still don't see why alexis needs to be involved in the mayor's downfall. although, i am looking forward to scenes between nancy lee grahn and martha byrne. somehow i think that that might be spectacular. [i might have just jinxed it.]

but anyway, it's cute watching maxie and spinelli and robin and patrick working together on the mystery. and i'm also happy that matt is somewhat involved in a front burner story. i like matt hunter, and i really want to know more about him. i'd like it if they integrated him more into the cast and gave him a real storyline. instead of just giving him a twitter feed.

3. maxie and spinelli

kirsten storms and bradford anderson are very cute together. but first there was the essential person thing, and now there is this courtly love nonsense. i mean, maybe this makes me shallow and all, but i'm with maxie--sex is important to relationships. and the fact is, maxie may love spinelli, but she isn't attracted to him. so their romantic relationship is doomed from the get-go. and it's very sweet of maxie to try and be the person spinelli wants her to be, but she is doomed to fail. you can't change who you are for someone else. and that's why i don't like this pairing.

personally i think kirsten storms and brandon barash are great together, but i also really like james cook. i'd be interested in seeing maxie and johnny or maxie and matt try things out. and maybe with his heartbreak spinelli can grow up a little bit. he should be old enough to take care of himself, he should be able to function as a slightly awkward member of society, but the way he is written sometimes it feels like he's mentally deficient.

i can't remember if it was on night shift or regular flavor gh, but there was some hint that perhaps spinelli was mildly autistic or had asperger's. that storyline would [in the hands of good writers] provide bradford with some really good material, as well as some really good material for maxie and jason. too bad it won't happen [and even if it did, the whole storyline would turn into some insane parody of itself considering the current gh writing staff].

4. ethan, rebecca, nicholas
this is the most boring love triangle. on the one hand, i definitely hate ethan a lot less than i did when he first started airing. i may not agree with what they've done to rewrite the spencer family history, but i'm happy to accept him as a spencer and move forward. i just can't stand rebecca. i can't stand rebecca and nicholas. in part because willful stupidity isn't fun to watch [see the latest episode of the bachelorette for something similar.] this whole storyline is a mess and it makes less and less sense as it progresses. although i should probably admit that i haven't actually watched it in its entirety since i tend to fast forward through all the nicholas and rebecca scenes, though i maintain that i haven't missed anything by doing so.

the sad thing is that i really loved nicholas and emily together. and having this emily lookalike storyline-love interest is really killing any residual affection i had for the couple.

5. johnny and olivia
i know a lot of people hate olivia. but i've actually liked her a heck of a lot more than i ever liked kate. and i have to say that this johnny and olivia storyline is hot. i'm really enjoying them together and can't wait to see what happens when dominic is revealed to be dante, her long-lost son with sonny. [right? that's where this is going...i haven't read spoilers, but it seems the most obvious plot twist.]

6. claudia
some days i think they are redeeming this character just a little bit, and then she acts like a hateful shrew. i just don't know what to think of her. i love sarah joy brown. i wish that the writers would pick a side, she's either consistently good and misunderstood or consistently bad to her zacchara core, but the way she flip flops and schemes and generally does insanely stupid things is enough to drive any person mad. also, she could maybe mix up her wardrobe a little.

i have this coworker who only ever wore black, gray or white, and then decided she would add a color to her closet and chose brown as the color. i want to say to claudia what i wanted to say to this coworker. a little bit of color can do amazing things. claudia would look amazing in a bright, bold [non-red] color. she doesn't always need to look like the angel of death/sex.

7. ric's departure
i'm glad he didn't leave in a body bag, and am especially glad that the actor got out of dodge before the show further wasted his talents. too bad that the show was just starting up something interesting for him to do. [though rick hearst totally made the right decision. i hope they treat him well over on "the bold & the beautiful"] though why he couldn't say goodbye to alexis or molly on-screen goes a little beyond me.

8. stuart damon
so happy for him that he can finally say farewell to the tracksuits. after being unceremoniously fired from "general hospital" during the metro court crisis, he's back on soaps in a new role on "as the world turns". good for him.

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  1. Well you pretty much nailed the state of GH. I, too, am enjoying new Michael and Christina and noticing the chemistry between them. Plus I love that the kid looks so much like Jason. Really good casting.

    I'm amazed that Ric got to leave town alive. Maybe the writers are listening? NAH.

    Like you, I'd like to see Matt get more of a storyline, be it with Maxie or whomever. He's really been good in his secondary role. Expand it!

    I don't mind Johnny/Olivia but I liked Johnny/Maxie too. Just not Johnny/Lulu. Seems like they don't know what to do with Lulu anymore huh?

    Anyway, the show has been pretty watchable lately and that's in large part due to the new additions and the mayor mystery.

  2. Lulu is totally stuck in this weird storyline with Ethan, which is unfortunate because since she has broken up with Johnny she's become infinitely less shrill and more watchable.

    I don't understand why GH can't have a normal romantic storyline, especially for the younger actors. I mean Robin and Stone were amazing and heartbreaking together. And Liz and Lucky, Emily and Zander, Karen and Jagger...those were the stories that made me start watching GH. I often feel like chanting "More romance, less mob" as if I were on strike or something.

    Of course the first thing GH needs are to bring people on the canvas that aren't related to the current leads and not killing anyone off.


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