Saturday, May 6, 2017

seriously romantic: confessions of a former puck bunny by cindi madsen

it's always bittersweet when you reach the end of a series. i binge-read the taking shots series and enjoyed each and every one of these books a lot. as a series capper, confessions of a former puck bunny, does a great job of closing out the series.

ryder maddox belongs to hockey royalty. his father was a former nhl player. lindsay rivera is the daughter of a puck bunny.

even worse, she was a puck bunny. until she realized that losing her dignity and sleeping around with hockey players was not going to help with her self-esteem issues. so she swears off hockey players. and until she meets ryder maddox she's doing okay. on ryder's part he's been crushing on lindsay for a while. everyone keeps telling him it's a lost cause, but he doesn't believe in lost causes. he doesn't care about lindsay's history with the hockey team as long as the story ends with him.

it is only a matter of time before ryder wears her down. the fact that he is some sort of math genius and she needs to pass one last math class before she can graduate also plays into things. it's just that he is the only person who has ever been able to explain math concepts to her in a way she understands. and the more she resists their attraction the more compelled she is to be close to him. so maybe if she gives in, things will be different? maybe she's not just a puck bunny. maybe she's a proper girlfriend.

history plays into their relationship more than they ever expected. the reality is that their parents have a history that shouldn't affect them, but does. and ryder has to prove that he really cares nothing about lindsay's past in order for her to trust that they can have a future together. when ryder reveals that he is willing to give up everything just to be with her, lindsay ensures that he doesn't. and the series closes out with all the main characters hanging out together in a scene that leaves you with the sense that no matter where their stories go, all will be well in the end.

**confessions of a former puck bunny will publish on may 8, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (embrace) in exchange for my honest review.

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