Tuesday, May 9, 2017

seriously romantic: the sweetheart kiss by cheryl ann smith

the brash & brazen detective agency is in the thick of things again, this time in the sweetheart kiss when p.i. jess lucas witnesses a shooting at a friend's wedding. when sam wheeler is assigned as lead on the case, she's annoyed to realize that they're going to have to play nice and collaborate. sam respects the brazen p.i.s, but he doesn't love how they end up in the middle of his cases.

but when it becomes clear that jess is an actual target, sam insists that she stay close to him. partly because she did just lose her home to a fire set deliberately, but also because he doesn't trust anyone else to keep her safe. and suddenly she's not just invading his home. she's invading his thoughts. she's invading his bed. and the kicker is, he wants her there.

sam and jess are perfect partners, they've got the patter of snappy banter that add flirty fun to all the sexual tension and they are also kickass investigators who actually respect one another's skills. it's refreshing to see these two characters end up in a relationship so seamlessly. whether they are working or playing the one thing that is clear is that they belong together. crazy things happen around them and neither of them ever really loses their cool.

in fact, the one time sam does lose his cool, is when he realizes that this could be something more. and he goes out of his way to prove to everyone that it is not. but he's just fooling himself. when jess fell into his life, it's clear that it is for keeps, and the journey it takes to get them there is worth reading. especially if you've enjoyed this series.

**the sweetheart kiss will publish on may 9. 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/kensington books (lyrical shine) in exchange for my honest review.

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