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something from the archives: say goodbye - part 20

see the links for parts 123456789101112131415161718, and 19. part 20 follows the break, and we've basically connected to the moment first described in the opening two chapters. so after chapter 21 we'll start seeing some forward progress. 

you guys, sometimes i rewrite these passages because i find them so cringeworthy, other times i fix the more egregious errors and live with the terrible writing because there's no real way for me to make it less terrible. i'm not that skilled. anyway, sometimes i'm embarrassed about my quest to preserve my fanfic, and other times i think, i spent time on this. even if it is ridiculous and silly, i want to keep it someplace accessible. this is not a bad thing. 

Part 20 

Then the tension between them broke, and in a wave of relentless passion they made wild love on the couch in the break room. The storm thundered throughout. And as they climaxed, joined as one, the lights went out.

Sated and serene in the afterglow of their love, Liz lay draped over Michael’s body as he played with her dark chocolate hair. There wasn’t a need for words, yet. They were just feeling. Reveling in the utter bliss.

But the quietude had to be interrupted. There was so much to say, so many questions to be answered.

“Liz…I—“ Michael began to speak haltingly.

“Shh.” Liz hushed him with a finger on his lips. Looking deeply into his eyes she replaced her finger with her lips. Expressing in her kiss the amazement she felt, how perfect her world was. Nothing existed for Liz outside the small room. It was only Michael and her. They were all that mattered.

Grudgingly she stood up from the couch and picked up the scattered articles of clothing. She borrowed Michael’s shirt and tossed Michael’s boxers, hoping that he would just put them on.

Michael obeyed Liz’s silent command and grabbing the hand she held out he followed her up the stairs. As they stood on the landing before the front door of the apartment, Michael couldn’t resist Liz, any more than he already had. She looked adorable in his shirt. She always did, and he had always wanted to do something about it.

Michael took the bundle of clothing from Liz as she looked at him questioningly. He had stopped so suddenly, she was afraid he was having second thoughts. But then he was kissing her so softly, so sweetly, it was as if there was no time, the world would never end, and all Michael ever had to do was kiss her. His tongue slid between her lips, opening her to him. He took advantage of her surprise and explored her mouth as their tongues sparred for control.

They sunk to their knees as they kissed, Michael slowly leaning back until he lay on the floor with Liz lying on him. He held her body close to his as he had done many times before, but for the first time, he let her feel the extent of his arousal. His hands touched her skin beneath the soft cotton of his shirt, and gathering a small amount of power in his hands he quickly undid the buttons with a wave. He kneaded her pert breasts, the inviting softness of her body a stark contrast to his solid strength.

Liz felt his muscles ripple as he caressed her entire body with his heated hands. Her skin sensitized by the contact, she returned the favor, running her hands down his body until finding the most sensitive expanse of skin. She teased him, tickling his testicles before cupping them both in her hand. Then moving on to wrap his hard shaft in her small hand and rapidly moving it up and down in rough jerks.

Michael broke away from their kiss as he groaned against her hair. She would drive him mad. She had already. Concentrating he tried to gain control as he rolled them over so that Liz lay beneath him, taking care not to crush her in the process. He began by moving his hands to the nest of dark curls hid her wet femininity. He slid a finger into her slick folds and swept up and down before thrusting into her. Liz spread her legs apart to allow Michael free access as she continued her torturous movements with her hands on his erection.

Michael wiggled his finger, eliciting a gasp as he heated his finger and released a spurt of energy. Liz thought she would go crazy. She had no idea what it was that he had just done, only it felt like heaven. Calling out Michael’s name she begged him to take her right then, right there.

And he obeyed without protest. Burying himself in Liz’s warm sheath, he began to move slowly in and out of her body, relishing the friction. He reached down between them and flicked her clitoris with his fingers. Rubbing with a little extra energy, he increased the rhythm until they were both panting with exertion. The burgeoning energy grew within them, until they exploded, tumbling over the edge together.

They lay shivering on the top of the landing. Liz in Michael’s arms, her head resting against his chest, where she could hear the beat of his heart. He played with her hair as he rested with his eyes closed, just breathing. They were still joined together, neither of them having the energy or inclination to part.

“Michael.” Liz said quietly.


“We should really try a bed sometime.”

“Yeah, the floor is hard.”

“I was thinking now, was as good a time as any.”

“Yeah.” Michael opened his eyes and kissed Liz’s forehead before disentangling himself from their embrace. He gathered their clothes together and gave it all to Liz before sweeping her off her feet and taking them to her room.

He deposited her tenderly on the bed and set about lighting the candles that she had lying on her vanity and desk. With the added kick Michael gave the flames the small candles cast a romantic glow across the room. Liz watched him set up the room from the bed and held her arms out to him when he had finished. Lying on the bed next to her, they spooned, their hands clasped together. Liz could feel Michael’s breath on her neck, she sensed his smile, she knew it reflected hers.

“We should talk about this Liz.”

“I know Michael.”

“I’m afraid.” He added quietly.

Liz turned to look at him, surprised by his words. Michael wasn’t the kind of person who would willingly admit to fear. She smiled and placed her hand on his cheek, rubbing her thumb across his skin. Pushing herself upward she kissed his forehead, his eyes, his nose, each one of his cheeks, his chin, before kissing his mouth.

He smiled quizzically at her actions. That hadn’t been the reaction he expected when he confessed his real fear. He had opened up to Maria and had lost her. And he still hadn’t healed from the wounds.

“So am I.”

“What are we going to do?”


“This. Liz…I don’t think this should be happening.”

“I know. But it is.”

Both were afraid to express the real fear of losing each other in their hearts. Liz worried that Michael would get back together with Maria. That he would close himself up away from her completely. While Michael thought that Liz would leave him as soon as she realized he was nothing like Max.

“What happens tomorrow?” Michael asked, frustrated by Liz’s lack of response. Thinking maybe it meant that she didn’t care, that she could care less about what happened between them.

“Michael, let’s not think about tomorrow.” Liz didn’t want to talk about the future, she was afraid it would be without Michael, and she didn’t want to give him any ideas about how to leave her. “Let’s just live in today. In you holding me. In you and me making wild passionate love right here, right now.”

“Now? Already?” Michael asked distracted by Liz’s sudden switch in direction.

“Michael, I know you don’t need convincing, what makes you think I do?” Liz said before capturing Michael’s lips between hers.

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