Tuesday, May 30, 2017

seriously romantic: maybe this love by jennifer snow

maybe this love is the second novel in the colorado ice series, and focuses on older brother ben westmore. he is a total dreamboat. he's kind and generous. he loves his mom and sister. he adores his baby niece. he's close to his brothers. and he's also a super hot professional hockey player.

he meets olivia davis under less than desirable circumstances, however, because she is representing the wife he forgot he married on a drunken new year's eve in las vegas. olivia has a reputation in sports circles as the woman who represents the scorned wives of professional athletes. and she's ready to think the worst of ben. except there's that sizzle of attraction between them from the start. and her client's reasons for delaying a divorce and settlement start to look fishy. and maybe she can't be objective about ben westmore.

ben never acts like he's married. he only interacts with his alleged wife maybe once in the whole story. and he is interested in olivia. even as he realizes that this attraction is going to make his life complicated fate seems to conspire to put them together.

olivia has a lot going on in her life too. she's decided that she's waited long enough to start a family. so she's doing in vitro treatments to see if she can have the baby she's always wanted. i will be honest, this part of the story was a challenge for me. i'm not usually a fan of romances where the main character is pregnant with someone else's kid. it's definitely a matter of personal preference, but it's just something i tend to go out of my way to avoid. it turns out having one of the main characters actively trying to get pregnant while starting a relationship with someone else still feels icky to me. i think the other thing that made this challenging was that i have my own experience with ivf and i don't think i really enjoy reading about other people's ivf journeys.

but when you take all the ivf stuff out of the picture, and really focus on ben and how dreamy he is. and really just think about how perfect those westmore boys are in general, all is good.

**maybe this love will publish on may 30, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/grand central publishing (forever) in exchange for my honest review.

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