Saturday, May 6, 2017

seriously romantic: anatomy of a player by cindi madsen

we were introduced to whitney porter in getting lucky number seven. it's her turn in the spotlight in anatomy of a player. whitney is a serial dater. she wants to find a nice guy to have a relationship with. unfortunately, she's been screwed over one time too many by a member of a sports team. she's done with athletes. and furthermore, she's done with giving them the benefit of the doubt. they walk around as if they are entitled to perks and privileges simply because they play a game.

it doesn't matter that the last guy to screw her was a football player, because with their recent ncaa win, the hockey team is in her journalistic cross-hairs, and she's set on doing a feature to expose all the ways they skirt rules and regulations for being successful athletes. 

but as she spends more time with the hockey team, and in particular gets to know hudson decker—the poster boy for a player—the more conflicted she is about her feelings. hudson has played the field, but he's genuinely interested in whitney. even if he makes a stupid bet with his roommate dane about whether or not he'd get her in bed. the only times he thinks about the stupid bet is to know that it will get him in trouble. the rest of the time he's trying to figure out how to pass his statistics class and stay on top of his hockey game. 

both whitney and hudson make mistakes. both of them had ulterior motives when they first started getting friendly. but the reality is that the more they get to know each other and the deeper they fall into friendship and love, those motives mean nothing. and even when everything blows up, it's fixable. because whitney and hudson are made for each other. 

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