Monday, November 30, 2009

simply need to post something before the month is out

um, oops.

so, i just finished watching the amazing (!!) thanksgiving episode of gossip girl. every year, they manage to make a good thanksgiving episode. in part, i think because it's the one holiday a year that they can contrive to have everyone together in a way that is somewhat natural and also manage to propel the story forward.

this year's episode was a doozy. i wish i knew what the hell was going on. here are the highlights:

1. serena and tripp are k-i-s-s-i-n-g
and of course everyone finds out. chuck spills the details to nate when it's captured on his hotel's security tapes. tripp's wife hears it from nate, after lily raises some red flags when she invites maureen and tripp over for thanksgiving dinner. and everyone (except maybe rufus) finds out when maureen decides to blab about it over rufus' lame thanksgiving joke. i don't know what the joke was, but it probably had to do with music since the punchline is "plymouth rock" and we all know how rufus is a washed up rock star.

2. cece is a-ok
and lily is a big fat liar. and somehow her big fat lies have to do with the first (and really only) dr. van der woodsen. what he wrote in his letter for serena is the big mystery that leads us to next week. when maureen will more than likely blow it out of the water. again, poor rufus gets the shaft here, i don't know why he thinks he can keep up with the van der woodsen women and the lies they tell.

3. jenny and eric are friends no more
and i'm actually intrigued by this storyline. it's actually giving them something to do this season, i like eric's association with kira and can't wait to see what happens when they go to the trenches. i think the mean girls will have some fun, though i ultimately hope these two find their magic again.

4. dan and vanessa are still boring
and vanessa's mom is a pill. honestly, i love anna espinosa, but she's so crunchy granola and self-righteous on this show that it's a pleasure when she's not on the screen. at least we know where vanessa gets her wet blanket jeans from. also jessica szohr is a very pretty girl, why is she always made to look so hideous on this show? i don't get it.

what i also don't get is how penn badgley can be so hot and not have any chemistry with anyone except blake lively. the thing is everyone has chemistry with blake. we need to find dan an interesting girlfriend.

5. chuck bass needs more to do
i mean, it's great that he is acting the superhero lately. my friend, miss l, says he has a batman voice and he just swoops in at the last moment to save the day and prevent his friends and family from acting stupid while he wears purple suits and ascots. all of this is great. but, chuck bass is more than that. and him and blair could be something more than what they are at the moment.

6. dorota is preggers
a cute subplot, though i'm not sure whether vanya and dorota's love affair should evolve any more than it has. but perhaps there will be a wedding in dorota's future. at least that will be an interesting event that will get our series regulars in the room together.

so next week we wait for the fall out. and i have to say after weeks of spinning its wheels, gossip girl feels on track. that might have been the most insane, nonsensical episode, but i loved every second of it. may the trend continue.