Saturday, May 27, 2017

seriously romantic: enticing the enemy by jules court

i have a love-hate relationship with novellas. sometimes they are short and sweet and deliver just the right balance of story and character. other times they cut short character development in favor of plot and i really hate that. the good news here is that enticing the enemy is one of the former.

erin rafferty has a terrible day in court courtesy of detective daniel cruz. mostly it's her fault that things went so badly. but his ability to remain unruffled and calm in the courtroom made things worse. so when she runs into him later that same horrible, no good, very bad day she's not happy about it. and when he acts like a jerk and calls her out on how badly she misplayed her hand in the courtroom she's embarrassed and upset. especially since all this drama is unfolding in front of her best friend, priya, and daniel's partner, brian, and the blind date they set daniel up with.

the problem is that the sparks between erin and daniel keep igniting at the most inopportune moments. when erin is asked to defend a client who daniel and brian are investigating she tries to ignore the conflicts of interest in order to preserve her career. but the deeper she gets into the case and the more involved she gets with daniel, she knows that she is compromising too much.

all daniel knows is that she's the one person who makes him feel alive again. after years working undercover and having to embrace a darkness that wasn't innate in order to survive, being with erin is a welcome distraction. more than a distraction, being with her becomes necessary to his happiness. and as much as she wants to fight it, she has to admit that being with daniel is essential to hers. watching these two battle it out in order to come together is well worth it. and luckily they don't make you wait too long because this one is short and sweet, and also sexy.

**enticing the enemy will publish on may 29, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/carina press in exchange for my honest review.

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