Friday, December 25, 2009

something from the archives: magic, or the holiday special - part 2

and here's part two. merry christmas to those who celebrate it! (part one posted yesterday, in case you missed it.)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

something from the archives: magic, or the holiday special - part 1

hmmm, i thought this one was a challenge, but i must have simply been inspired to write a roswell christmas tale. this one focuses on kyle and maria, and of course, michael and liz. this takes place sometime during the final season, since isabel is married to jesse. it's a cute little story, so i hope you enjoy it. i'll post part two tomorrow, in the spirit of the holidays.

by the way, happy holidays to all! and enjoy the story after the break.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

something from the archives: after vegas - part 3

so here is part 3, which gives all the other characters a chance to chime in. hopefully it isn't too repetitive. also i've found a holiday story i wrote as part of another challenge. i'll post that around christmas eve & christmas day. it will give me something to do while at the in-laws. enjoy.

anyway you can read the third chapter after the break. if you need it here are links to chapters 1 and 2.

Monday, December 21, 2009

simply loving the new 90210

i know i've said this before, but when the new 90210 started i watched for a while and then gave up on it. it was boring. the lead guy [i forget his name, it was ...who knows, he left the show] was cute but boring. the lead girl [annie] was annoying and just terrible at acting, which made her interest in said profession all the more preposterous. the main arch-rival [naomi] was written inconsistently. the parents [deb and henry] were no jim and cindy.

but now, while deb and henry are still no jim and cindy. and annie, who seems to have been demoted from lead status to supporting player is still as terrible and annoying as ever. however, at least her storyline now works with the terrible-ness and annoying-ness of her character. meanwhile, naomi has been given more to do. and we've been able to see her softer, more vulnerable side, while at the same time maintaining a high level of ridiculous fashion and boy craziness that makes her character really fun to watch.

and adrianna, the drug addict who was only supposed to be on a handful of episodes became a regular and is awesome even when her storylines are completely ridiculous. they sound like they're getting juicier, so that's something to look forward to.

silver is still my absolute favorite character. what's great about silver is that she is the one character who has concrete ties to the original, she's david silver and kelly taylor's half-sister. i actually love her romance with teddy. and i like how they've complicated it with dixon's realization that he had a good thing with silver.

dixon has spent the last few months on his high horse, yet for no good reason because he definitely made some really bad choices. like pretending he was a music executive and much older than he really was in order to get into the older woman's pants. also how anyone would ever believe that he is older than twelve is beyond me, when you see him with the other actors you think he is years younger (even though there isn't that big an age difference in most cases, except for teddy's).

but anyway, teddy and silver. i love them. i'm rooting for them. and the mini-cliffhanger that ended the last new episode is still killing me. i can't believe i have to wait until march for more 90210. at least until then i'll get to check out life unexpected (with shiri appleby!).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

something from the archives: after vegas - part 2

chapter two picks up the story from liz's side of the story. one of the challenges of writing this particular story was that i had to make sure that i was making each journal entry in each character's distinct voice. i'm pretty sure i did okay with michael and liz, but the others i'm not so sure about. we'll see what you think when we get there.

anyway you can read the second chapter after the break. catch up with chapter 1 here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

simply too much to laugh about

last year i probably would have said that "how i met your mother" and "the office" were my top two half hour comedies. it doesn't take too long for things to change.

the fall season's fresh crop of comedies--"modern family", "cougar town", and "community"--have proven to be enjoyable, smart, funny shows. even as the shows grow into their own in fits and starts, the writing has been working on a consistently higher level on these three shows than on either "the office" or "how i met your mother".

maybe it's that they've hit the fifth season slump, but while i still make both shows appointment tv, more often than not i am let down by the episodes. one of my favorite things about how i met your mother last year was the barney-robin romance, this season there were so many ways the writers could have gone about addressing the pairing as a couple. unfortunately for us viewers, they picked the worst possible way. lily forcing barney and robin to declare themselves boyfriend and girlfriend was the worst. the fact that the show then had both barney and robin act completely out of character and forced them into a conventional relationship when what made them interesting in the first place was the fact that as commitment-phobes their relationship would be a challenge for them both. theoretically it should have let them both grow as characters while still keeping them interesting.

massive fail and so many missed opportunities. by putting the focus on how their relationship changed the dynamics of the group, instead of it just being a natural step in the group's evolution to adulthood, the show stopped being funny. and except for ted, who for some reason remained unscathed, the rest of the characters became annoying caricatures. so they broke barney and robin up. and barney has regressed to being the same player he always was, and robin is robin. and so i feel like the show wasted three months of my life to have things go back to where they were before the whole storyline started.

so yeah, i'm a little bitter about that. especially when you take a look at how "big bang theory" handled putting leonard and penny together. i love that the relationship has been allowed to progress with no major manufactured dramas, and that the dynamic between the friends hasn't really changed. because the romance is not the focus of the show, it's just something that is going on incidentally, the occasional episode where it is the focus isn't unwelcome.

with the office the problem has more to do with the complex corporate issues they keep throwing into the mix. having michael and jim as co-managers puts too much focus on their own power struggles and less time on the ensemble. angela, meredith, stanley, ryan, kelly have really been missing this year. though with ryan in on dwight's diabolical plot there may be some comedy forthcoming. the problem with this, however, is that the show has consistently put pam and jim as the show's "good guys". they are the characters who are supposed to be most in tune with reality. and though their wedding episode was very sweet and a perfect cap to the five seasons of their relationship, since then they've become a bit smug, annoying, and patronizing. the fact that jim is a manager means he's actually trying to make this job work, when in previous seasons he was brilliant as the foil or instigator to the various dwight plots.

i miss that jim. the one bright spot has been the slow-burn romance between erin and andy. both characters are so sweetly oblivious, that they consistently misread each other's interest. i can't wait until they figure it out. they have become the couple to root for on the show.

Friday, December 11, 2009

something from the archives: after vegas - part 1

so back when i wrote fan fiction i penned it under the name etoile1. this story is a challenge i took up from another roswell fan named CarolRoswellFan and the conditions were as follows: the story needed to be set after the "viva las vegas" episode and it needed to explore the relationships of max/tess, maria/alex, kyle/isabel, michael/liz. i remember really liking this challenge because the conditions weren't too tough, and because it required tackling relationships that included all the teenage characters on the show, i decided to use a journal-style narrative. and because i was (still am) a michael and liz fan, i spent more of my time on them. anyway, so this story is called "after vegas" and at the time i rated it r for language, though i think now-a-days it's probably a pg-13.

anyway you can read the first chapter after the break.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

simply unable to contain all my glee

omg, you guys. i'm so bummed that there will be no more new episodes of "glee" until april. even more so because "glee" will be airing against the final season of "lost" and since i share a television with the husband who watches "lost" and not "glee" i think i know what i will be staying up late for on tuesdays this spring.

anyway, right now i'm consoling myself by listening to "glee - the music, vol. 2" which is awesome and oh-so-cheesy. i don't know what it is about this show that i love so much. especially since the writing is totally inconsistent, there are too many characters and often when something deeper is revealed about them it is immediately forgotten in the next episode, the suspension of disbelief required to get through watching a single episode is pretty astronomical, but in spite of all of that, i LOVE this show.

one of the more fascinating things about the show is the character of rachel berry. she is annoying, a total diva, incapable of understanding social cues, but she is also so very endearing. her personality rubs so many the wrong way, but all rachel has ever wanted is to be part of a team. it's why she's a member of every club she can be a member of. she tries so hard, and it often doesn't get her to where she wants to go. ultimately, the glee club understands that she is a cornerstone to their road to victory, and that to have rachel on their team makes them a better team, no matter how annoying she is.

i happen to love rachel. i love her relationship with finn, the clueless quarterback. one of the more interesting things at play during "sectionals" was the fact that the entire glee club was aware of the fact that quinn's baby wasn't finn's but was puck's. i personally never bought the rationalization from mercedes that quinn chose finn to be the father of her baby and that everyone else needed to respect that, because i felt that it didn't take into account the fact that finn's life was also being ruined. not that having a baby means your life is ruined. but finn has dreams and aspirations and having a baby before he graduates high school wasn't one of them.

in both the pregnancy plots this season it was very clear that the rights of the father weren't considered to be of importance. and while rachel was partly being selfish in telling finn the truth, she also did it because he deserved to know. he was bearing a weight on his shoulders that wasn't his to bear. it was a secret that needed to be told, and in the end, i think it made a difference that it was rachel who told him. i happen to like finn and rachel together. though apparently there is a larger puck and rachel fandom. i didn't mind the episode they were together, but i also think the point of that episode was that neither of them was really free to be in a relationship, because puck is hot for his baby momma and rachel loves finn in spite of his stupidity.

it took to long for the show to reveal the baby drama, especially since the whole plot meant that we were supposed to believe that mr. schue and finn were barely intelligent enough to function.

i love that mr. schue left his lying wife behind. i really hope it sticks because my favorite moments in this episode were all will-emma moments. this one is my absolute favorite:

squee! they totally kissed. and it was such a climactic moment, even though anyone with half a brain could call it in. i still love it. i'm such a sucker for forbidden romance. here are some more moments from a fan video:

love it. i really hope that the storyline actually progresses. the situation is complicated, but will and emma have some good chemistry. and even though terri and ken are still around, i'm hoping that the obstacles ahead of them aren't so insurmountable. because really their romance isn't really the main thrust of the story. so theoretically you don't need all these challenges in their relationship. them being together or not doesn't really affect the outcome. right? i just happen to like them together. i can't help it. i'm a total sucker for romance.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

something from the archives: a new feature

so a long time ago i was obsessed with the television show "roswell", in fact, i felt so strongly about that show that i became a pretty active member of the online community. the other day i decided to google myself, in part because i wanted to see if my real name was associated with any of the fan fiction i wrote during that period of time. it's not. but i also found that a lot of the archives that contain my fan fiction are incomplete which is kind of a bummer.

i also spent a lot of time rereading the stuff i wrote, and while some of it isn't polished, it's actually not that bad. i really liked some of those stories. i never finished some of those stories. and i don't know, but i think it's time i focused on my writing again. and as ridiculous as some people think fan fiction is, it's also great practice for writing. most of my fan fiction was alternate universe and involved unconventional couples. in roswell fan speak i was a dreamer, a polarist, and a loyalist. mostly i loved the character of liz, and as i watched the show there came a point where i believed the writers lost sight of who that character was, and fan fiction gave me an outlet. i met some great people on those fan sites, and every once in a while i still think of them.

so here's what i've decided to do. since i've been feeling uninspired when it comes to talking about television and romance here, i'm going to repost my roswell fanfic. i'm not going to post all of it at once, i'm actually going to try and take a look at what needs some work, some editing. i've noticed typos and choppy sentences and weird transitions. so i'll work on those things. and some of the stories remain unfinished, so i'm going to try and complete them. it will take me a while to do this, but it's also kind of a fun project for me. and let's face it, i mostly write this blog for myself anyway. [i mean that in a good way, i do appreciate my readers.]

so going forward any posts labeled "something from the archives" will be a fan fiction post, and it should be easy to ignore if it's not something you're interested in. i'm actually pretty proud of a lot of the stuff i wrote back then, even the sex scenes. [any posts containing explicit scenes will be labeled as such.] here's the thing, i really, genuinely loved the characters, and i felt like i knew them well. well enough to write almost an entire novel! some of the stories are really that long. anyway, this will be a fun experiment. and i'm going to try to be better about posting so that i'm mixing this older content up with new content.