Wednesday, May 10, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 12: anatomy of a murder

i like that the riverdale writers decided to tie up the mystery of jason blossom's murder in this episode, leaving next week's season finale to queue up more mysteries to ponder over the long summer break.

these last few episodes of the show have been on point. everything is clicking, the core cast are all playing off each other so beautifully. and i do mean beautifully. one of the favorite things about watching this show are the aesthetics. every characters' look and wardrobe choices are so carefully curated. the atmosphere the set design and lighting evokes is so masterfully constructed. i love the artifice--it suits the story.

this episode was riverdale's twistiest yet. we learn who killed jason blossom, but before that final reveal we learn why everyone else was acting so damned shady. or at least some of the reasons. there are still enough secrets and lies in this town for the story to go places. and i'm psyched that we get one more episode in the season to serve as a launchpad for that.

the salaciousness of jason's death is only trumped by the scandal of who did it. how do the blossoms recover from this? now that we know the link between the blossom and cooper families, what happens? especially now that cliff is dead?

with the mystery taking the front seat to all the relationship drama this week, i imagine next week will refocus on that. there is still a lot of soapiness to mine from the love quadrangle. betty does not know that archie and veronica hooked up. what happens when she finds out? and what happens when she finds out that jughead knew and didn't tell her?

i love where this is going, you guys. i can't believe we've reached the end of season one already.

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