Wednesday, May 3, 2017

slightly silly: riverdale, episode 11: to riverdale and back again

the chemistry between camila mendes and kj apa is literally off the charts. i love this clip of them singing so much. and i loved how they worked together throughout this episode. the cast is starting to settle into being comfortable with one another and you can see the difference from the first handful of episodes.

more than the big homecoming dance, the drama revolving around the intricate relationships between both the adults and the teenagers in this town is what drives the story. and i just love it. with veronica and archie snooping in fp's trailer, and alice hosting fp and jughead over for the most awkward family dinner, archie's mom is in town and is totally chill hanging out with fred and hermione while keeping her motives to herself, betty figuring out that shit is going on behind her back and still not knowing the whole story, jughead enduring the double devastation of his father's arrest and his friend's betrayal, on top of polly getting drugged by penelope blossom—i mean it's all crazy bananas.

and then with fp's arrest and the knowledge that archie, betty, and veronica have that he was framed—it's all leading up to the last two episodes of the season. the mystery of jason's death will unravel, and then what? well, i think this season has set up a nice groundwork of mysteries to solve. these kids know nothing of the past and how it influences their present. i see that push–pull between the ideal and the dark continuing to impact the lives of those who live in riverdale. and i will defintiely be watching. i love the angst and the drama and the absurd. the show is really working for me right now.

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