Tuesday, May 2, 2017

seriously romantic: challenge and endurance by amy daws

challenge is the first harris brothers book, a spinoff series to the london lovers series by amy daws. 

camden harris is an elite footballer about to get his big break, except his breakout season is cut short due to a knee injury. at the hospital he meets dr. indie porter and sparks fly. even though they shouldn't because she is his doctor and he is her patient. 

but their connection is too strong to just ignore. indie and cam need to work through her intimacy issues and his ptsd from his injury. but the chemistry that kicks off their relationship is deepened by real feelings and the end result is an at times hilarious and witty; at times poignant, deeply emotional sports romance. 

meanwhile endurance tells tanner and belle's story, a flirtation that begins in challenge, but is fully realized here. 

picking up several months after challenge ends, tanner is kind of a mess. with his twin brother playing for a different team and all coupled up, he's not sure what that means for him and who he is anymore. when a one-night stand goes awry and belle ryan decides to come to his rescue, he's unaware that everything that results from his error of judgment that night will change everything. 

both tanner and belle are emotional wild cards. their tempers fray easily and loudly, everything with them is explosive and crazy. but this is what makes them so delightful because they don't hold back anything. one of the things i loved about this story is that once tanner made up his mind about belle, he moved forward accordingly. he doesn't hold back. and this is exactly what belle needs. her whole life she's been dismissed and constrained by her family. but tanner sees belle for who she is and loves her for it. 

he loves that she is crazy and emotional and how he never knows what to expect. he loves how she makes him feel. how she inspires him to be more than just a footballer. she makes him a better person and in striving to be worthy of her, he actually accomplishes quite a bit of good. 

i've listened to the harris brother series on audio book and they are so, so good. i can't tell you guys how much i love the duet-style narration. it feels like i'm listening to a play. i can't wait to see which harris brother is next, booker and gareth definitely need their own books. 

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