Friday, May 6, 2016

strictly literary: miss peregrine's home for peculiar children by ransom riggs

usually i post book reviews under the "seriously romantic" tag, but since i do occasionally read books that are not romances i figured i should have another tag and that's how "strictly literary" has come to be. i'll be honest, i'd been seeing miss peregrine's home for peculiar children on book lists for a while. and i really liked the title. so on the strength of those two things when i saw it as an available ebook from my library i decided to check it out. maybe i should have read the description first. or at least some actual reviews?

then i started reading it. and i put it down. and then i had to check it out again. and finally i got to a point where things started to happen. it's just that it took so long to get there. and so much of the first 40% of the book is telling you that there is going to be something interesting happening that by the time you finally get to the interesting bits you are a like bit like, well okay, but really can the action start yet?

i think that if i had been the editor for this book i would have recommended major changes to the structure. cutting out some of the set up and bringing jacob into the loop world much sooner. because by the time it happens i was so close to being done with the book. once things start to happen and jacob starts learning things about himself and his place within the loop world, things get interesting. but i'm not sure they ever got interesting enough to convince me to read two additional novels (there are two sequels: hollow city and library of souls). that's a big commitment for a book i didn't love. so now i'm not sure what i'm going to do. these books were written in part because the author started collected these weird vintage photographs and decided to create a story about them. i'm just not sure that's the best way to start a story? or maybe it's just that the story he created wasn't compelling enough for me?

i'll probably wait it out and maybe when i have less on my to-be-read pile i'll decide to check the other two out. but then my to-be-read pile already includes a number of sequels i'm not sure i'm interested enough to read. maybe i shouldn't add more?

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