Wednesday, May 25, 2016

simply unreal

so it's no big secret that i'm a huge fan of shiri appleby's. i loved her on roswell. and i've watched terrible shows like life unexpected just because she was on them. last summer she starred on this surprisingly amazing show called unreal. surprisingly amazing because this show airs on lifetime, a channel better known for it's cheesy movies of the week instead of cutting edge black comedies.

unreal takes on the reality dating television genre and exposes the manipulative, overproduced underbellies of shows like the bachelor. it is totally awesome. shiri appelby plays a girl named rachel. rachel is a total mess. she keeps meaning to improve her life and do worthier things with it, but keeps getting sucked into the game by her frenemy and boss quinn, played by the always amazing constance zimmer. the first season was spectacular and i am so excited for season 2. because i know it will be totally amazing. there is so much juicy stuff to be had. 

especially since this season there is a new bachelor--which makes me a little sad because i loved freddie stroma and his incredible chemistry with shiri and i have heard rumors he might be back, but he will probably not be a lead and i just loved his character in season 1 even though he was a total douche. but this season's new bachelor is black, which is kind of rad considering that the real bachelor franchise has never had a black lead bachelor/bachelorette in its 20+ seasons on television. sometimes while watching unreal i wish that it were real. even though i haven't watched the bachelor in fifteen years. season 2 premieres on june 6th, and i, for one, can't wait. 

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