Monday, May 16, 2016

simply getting my exercise on

i am no great athlete, unless you count my olympic level reading skills. but my eye muscle strength and ability to speed read will not really help burn calories. and as the march of time finds my forties closer each day i find that i can't diet without exercise. there are benefits to this. the last time i focused on losing weight it worked, but i didn't get toned so i didn't lose as many inches in the right places.

it had been a year since i had my last baby and i hadn't dropped more than ten of the thirty pounds i put on during pregnancy, so i was ready to put some work into losing the remaining baby weight and hopefully a bit more too. an old co-worker of mine had recently gotten divorced and discovered the beachbody programs and started a personal coaching business. she looked great and the more she talked about what she had been doing the more intrigued i was about giving it a try. i started the 21 day fix program a little over two months ago, and since then i've lost 13 pounds. beyond the weight i've lost, i've also lost three inches off my waistline, and i can see where my body looks fit and toned. i feel better. stronger too.

now, i will cop to not following the portion control part of the program to the letter. i tried that but realized that if i wanted to make this diet and exercise program part of my lifestyle i needed something that would allow me to be a little more flexible. so instead i am doing the weight watchers program. and it is working. it's also hard work too. but i feel good about myself when i exercise. and i find myself being able to do more and more challenging things each time i do the daily workouts.

i'm on my third round of the 21 day fix, and i think after this round i will try one of the other exercise programs. i feel like i'm leveling up. that's not something i've ever really said about myself and exercise, so that is pretty cool.

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