Tuesday, May 3, 2016

simply asking are revivals a good idea?

so everyone has heard about the gilmore girls revival set to premiere on netflix later this year, right? am i the only person who isn't thrilled? i had such a complicated relationship with that show. there were parts of it that i loved. but there was so much more i hated.

like sookie st. james. no offense to melissa mccarthy who has gone on to bigger and better things. but i found her character on gilmore girls intolerable. so when at first it seemed like she wasn't returning, i was like nbd. but everyone else just about lost their mind, and now she's back and i'm like ugh.

i guess the thing is, unlike many other people i was relieved when that show ended. i never felt like i had too little time with it. the things that remained unanswered i was okay with. but these days it seems like studios only want to produce content they know has previously been marketable. so we keep seeing shows come back from the dead. and maybe in the case of something like twin peaks, there's new material to hew, new mysteries to unfold. also it's freaking david lynch.

but gilmore girls? do people really need to see what happened next? is it actually possible for amy sherman-palladino to surprise us? were these characters really that beloved? i mostly thought they were super annoying.

i haven't decided yet whether or not i'm going to watch. i suppose i have plenty of time to come to terms with whatever decision i make.

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