Sunday, May 1, 2016

simply catching up on life and tv

so i can't explain what motivated me to start posting again. but i can tell you what derailed me before. i had three kids, that's what happened. now that the youngest is entering toddlerhood life is somewhat calmer. or maybe i've just gotten better about taking time for myself. who knows?

i still watch loads of television, but we cut the cord on cable and have been functioning with a netflix, hulu, amazon prime combo that works for us. since we were never a family of channel surfers, it's actually worked out pretty well. and other than having to watch out for hulu expiration dates on some shows, for the most part i keep up okay.

though i do have to admit that i've fallen inexcusably behind on greys. this was totally my show, but last season they introduced the other sister and then they killed mcdreamy and i was like, do i really want to watch this? the thing is, when i do make time to watch i enjoy it. so i haven't given up on the idea of catching up quite yet.

i had also been watching scandal but i think it's taken the characters to this point where they are utterly irredeemable. everyone is so awful. i get the idea of the anti-hero, but i always feel like there has to be something that lets you root for them. some hidden layer of good, some vulnerability that makes them empathetic. and i don't think any of the characters on scandal have that anymore. they are all rotten, and it makes me feel gross to watch them. so i'm stopping.

i also still watch a ridiculous amount of teen drama. vampire diaries and the originals are my go-tos. they are awesome because it's totally teen drama plus vampires so everything is infinitely more ridiculous. i feel like vampire diaries is nearing the end though, and i'm okay with that. if they do one more season to wrap everything up i think that's good. heck, they could also end it this season and i wouldn't be too upset as long as there wasn't some horrible cliffhanger. actually, it's already been renewed for season 8, and hopefully the actors prevail and it is the last season. of the two shows, i actually enjoy the originals more. i think because it always feels like the stakes are higher. and also, i think as much as i think paul wesley is gorgeous, stefan as a character is super mopey. whereas on the originals no one has time to mope, everything is always on the verge of falling apart. i love klaus. though my favorite mikaelson is definitely elijah.

there are other shows i watch. and i imagine i'll talk about them here again. and maybe i'll talk about things in more depth once i feel like i've actually caught up. even though i'm writing this mostly for me, sometimes it's like i don't have time to think about things.

so writing it out like this, helps. and you know, it's also nice to look at the eye candy. hello, elijah...

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