Wednesday, May 18, 2016

simply talking about shoes

when i was in college i worked at a shoe store--actually it was a high-end shoe boutique. until that moment i don't believe i had any strong feelings about footwear. they just happened to be what i wore on my feet and my mom usually took me to buy them. until i worked at the shoe store i didn't have much in the way of expendable income. [n.b. i probably should have saved more of my earnings from that job.] but then i had a 40% discount and access to all these gorgeous shoes.

the rest, as they say is history. i have way more pairs of shoes than i actually need. but i still find myself buying them. i have a particular weakness for sandals and wedges. even though as much as i buy new pairs of shoes, i end up wearing the same ones until i destroy them. these are entirely #firstworldproblems as they say.

anyway, what got me thinking of shoes this morning was that i ordered a new pair recently. except by the time the box arrived i had completely forgotten why i had ordered the shoes until i opened the box. "oh," i said to my husband. "the navy sandals!" my poor husband looked confused, "the color or the army?" he asked me. i was confused until i thought about what i had said and then clarified that i meant the color. then he asked me "so you specifically went out and chose these shoes because of the color? like you thought to yourself i need some navy sandals?" and i said "yes."

he was so astonished that this was a thought that a person could have. and i was like "welcome to the mind of women. we like shoes and think of them in colors beyond black or brown." i don't think he appreciated my warm welcome though. he's much happier when he doesn't have to think about shoes. so i don't tell him how i think about shoes all the time, and constantly stalk designer shoes that i recognize i have no use for on sites like gilt and bluefly. but one of these days, i totally want to have a pair of louboutins in my closet. the red soles are so pretty! the heels are to die for. and i'm not entirely sure i can walk in them.

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