Monday, May 23, 2016

simply enjoying the celebrity gossip

you guys, i don't listen to country music. i don't watch the voice. i like gwen stefani, but my fondness has more to do with how no doubt figured into my high school soundtrack more than the artist she's morphed into. when i see her interviewed i'm not exactly convinced she's human. or if she is human, there doesn't seem to be much going on in her head. this is probably not a fair assessment of gwen. she's obviously a savvy businesswoman, she's a musician with a proven track record, and she has enough personality and charisma to front her own band.

before taylor swift made every one of her heartbreaks into a hit song, gwen stefani was doing it. i think we can all acknowledge that "don't speak" is an amazing f-u song. and the best part of the back story to that song is that gwen's ex was in the band. so he's been forced to play a bitter break-up song for 20 years. that is some amazing payback. she harnessed her bad break-up and made a career of it, but honestly, nothing was ever as good as those original break-up songs at least in my opinion.

but now that her "fairytale" marriage to gavin rossdale imploded and she has a whole new host of break-up songs to sing, i am really digging her music again. and i find myself fascinated by her new love story. especially since blake has a bad break-up of his own that he's moving through. and like i can't get enough of them. and i don't know why, because i never cared about blake shelton until he started dating gwen. and it's not like i avidly followed gwen news before that. but now i'm like obsessed with their instagrams and twitter pages. and i watch and re-watch their performances on the voice. and i think maybe it's because they've let us watch their relationship develop live? it's so public. nothing they do is truly private. and maybe it is all just a performance, but the way they look at each other doesn't feel like a performance. so maybe the fascination is because it's so hard to believe it is real so you keep watching to see what happens next. so far all that has happened is that they seem more in love than ever. and i say good for them.

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