Wednesday, May 11, 2016

simply listening to a story

i've always resisted the idea of audiobooks. i thought they would put me right to sleep a dangerous thing to tempt if i happened to be driving. especially since i suffer vehicular narcolepsy, something that usually plagues young children and, well, me. it might not actually be a thing. but it's a thing that happens to me all the time. so i was convinced that audiobooks would put me right to sleep.

but then, i kept getting these offers from audible. 2 free books to start a trial membership. and there were these two books i wanted to read but the library didn't have them. so i thought, what do i have to lose? the first two audiobooks i listened to were stillwater by melissa lenhardt and first & then by emma mills. and then i forgot to cancel the free membership in time and i had this other credit, so i decided to try listening to carry on by rainbow rowell. and then i admitted that i didn't want to cancel this thing. i enjoyed listening to books. this in no way put me to sleep. in fact, i usually just wanted to keep driving because i wanted to know what would happen next.

i have an hour-long commute to and from work. listening to audiobooks makes me feel like i'm not wasting time. and i am more willing to try books i'm not sure i'd have the patience to read. like kate morton's the lake house and the distant hours or kristin hannah's the nightingale. i'm not that big on reading historical fiction, but in audible form it becomes something i really enjoy listening to. on impulse i bought rosamund pike's narration of pride & prejudice and it was so fun. i realized i definitely have entire passages of that novel memorized. not surprising since i've read it a million trillion times and it's so fun to appreciate the language of a story i'm so familiar with in a different way.

i currently have three credits available on audible and i keep trying to figure out what to listen to next. i can't wait to listen to the next story on my list unfold. though one thing i definitely do before i buy any audiobook is listen to a sample. if i can't stand the narrator's voice there is no point to buying a book. i've also figured out that i prefer female narrators over male narrators. though euan morton's narration for carry on was spectacular. everything about that book i loved. the story, the narrator. it's one i'm probably going to listen to again i loved it so much.

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