Tuesday, May 31, 2016

seriously romantic: marrying winterborne by lisa kleypas

i'm not kidding when i tell you that i've read the opening chapter of this book 50 times. i've been dying to read this book since i finished cold-hearted rake. i liked the first book in the ravenel series just fine, but the characters of rhys and helen hooked me then. so i was thrilled to get a hold of marrying winterborne today.

as soon as i had it in my hands i read the first chapter for the 51st time and then kept on reading until i was done. and oh, i just loved this book. helen and rhys are made for each other. i loved the contrast between the self-assured, independent welshman and the gentle, strong lady. they are two people who you wouldn't think could have any way of understanding each other. except they both ache for exactly what the other has to give. reading this book you could just feel the pull between these two characters. it was there in cold-hearted rake, but the magnetic attraction between helen and rhys intensifies in marrying winterborne. i can't say this enough, but i just love helen and rhys, i loved every second of their story. i am happy to spend as much time with them as i can. this is another one that is going on the re-read pile. i may re-read it again now.

lisa kleypas has written some of my favorite romance novels.  i'm not sure how many books are intended to be written for the ravenels, but hopefully beyond twins, pandora and cassandra, we'll also get west's story and tom severin's, and maybe ransom and garrett's as well. kleypas is good at developing secondary characters that you want to know more of. and seeing more of this world can't be a bad thing. the next book in the series is devil in spring, which is awesomely related to devil in winter as it is about sebastian and evie's son and pandora. and since devil in winter happens to be one of my favorite romance novels ever i can't tell you how excited i am for the next book in the series.

what a problem it is to have to wait!

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