Saturday, June 17, 2017

superbly suspenseful: gone to dust by liliana hart

the gravediggers series continues with gone to dust, and picks up the thread of chemistry we got in the darkest corner between elias cole and miller darling. this time the world isn't at stake, but miller's brother and elias's old seal brother, justin is in danger. a drug cartel interested in the same bit of treasure that miller's family has been searching for throughout history makes for a bad combination. when miller is sent her brother's finger and a message demanding she show up in ecuador, she has no choice.

and elias has no choice but to join her. weeks ago he left her high and dry in order to protect her. his life is made for revenge. he's been declared dead and he has a contract of service being held over his head. he might have come to like his teammates, but he hates the woman who got him mixed up in this mess and who continues to play the puppeteer. he believes that there is no room in his life for love or passion. instinctively knowing that if he were to pursue things with miller there's no way he could maintain his quest for revenge.

but he's drawn to her. it's as if there was an electrical current running between them. connecting them more deeply than they could have imagined. once they are alone together there is no way they aren't going to be together. this mission a testament to how they fit together. how easily they can be a team. in no time at all it's all too clear. what they feel for each other is love. something miller never thought would come her way. but elias worries that there isn't a future that ends with a happily ever after for them. he's dead after all. dead men don't get married and have babies and gorgeous wives who fulfill every dream.

is there any possibility of having it all? or perhaps, more simply, is there any way he can live without her? because his heart belongs to her and hers to him. he can't stand to make her miserable. being apart from her makes him miserable. so there has to be a way forward. and if taking out a drug cartel and rescuing her brother while they sort it all out is what needs to happen, then happen it will.

honestly the balance between suspense and romance in this series works perfectly for me. there's still enough mystery about eve and her ultimate plan for the gravediggers that future books are a certainty. and i for one can't wait.

**gone to dust will publish on june 20, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/gallery, threshold, pocket books (pocket books) in exchange for my honest review.

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