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something from the archives: say goodbye - part 25

catch up with parts 1234567891011121314151617181920212223, and 24. part 25 continues after the break.

Part 25 

Liz climbed up the ladder to her balcony. Her parents weren’t home, but she liked being able to get straight to her room. She wanted to be with Michael. She knew he hadn’t been happy about the fact that she had left to go traipsing around some caves with Max. But it had been worth it.

Not that receiving a cryptic message from alien enemies could be termed a good thing. But at least they had time to prepare. She couldn’t wait to tell Michael about everything. She wished he had been there. It was weird to rely on Max when she only really felt safe with Michael.

She thought he’d stay. But he hadn’t. Her room was empty. And Liz had never been so frightened by anything as she was by the possibility that through her own thoughtlessness she had lost Michael.

What could she have possibly been thinking going off with Max? Granted she thought that Michael had understood, but she should have known better.

Their relationship was still too new for him to trust it. Although she thought indignantly, he should know that he was her entire heart.

It was then she noticed the notebook lying on the floor. She had given it to him, she’d meant to encourage his art. She hadn’t thought he’d used it though. He’d never said anything when she gave it to him, and he hadn’t brought it up since. But now as she leafed through it, she was shaken.

Michael had dedicated the sketchbook to her. He drew her laughing, smiling, talking, crying, he drew her soul. And she had left him with his heart hanging out in the cold. Liz felt terrible. She needed to find Michael and tell him. Tell him that he was it for her. That he was her one true love.

But first, she needed to find him.

She raced out the window, onto her balcony, when she saw him. He stood there, in the shadows. His hair tangled and wild about his face, streaks of dirt and bruises on his skin. He stood there with his heart in his eyes.

And Liz ran straight into his arms kissing him everywhere, his lips, his cheeks, his eyes, his forehead. Repeating the words I love you and I’m so sorry over and over again until
Michael covered her mouth with his.

Their tongues fused wildly, they reveled in each other’s touch. They sunk to their knees and began tearing each other’s clothing off. Michael pushed their discarded garments into a pile beneath Liz. He lay on top of her his legs between hers, as he ravished her lips with his.

Slowly he began making his way down her neck nibbling here and there as she breathed raggedly whispering his name. He took her breasts in his hands and lavished attention on each jutting peak with his mouth. He sucked and kneaded as Liz bucked beneath him. Crying his name in the massive wave of sensation he sent her way.

He moved his fingers to the nest of curls that hid her femininity; she was wet and throbbing with need as he slicked his fingers. Trailing kisses down her stomach and navel, he playfully rubbed her clitoris and thrust two fingers into her opening. Liz cried out and spread her legs apart further.

Michael began to rhythmically move his fingers within her, driving her insane with need. And then he changed his fingers for his tongue. Liz was holding back, she wanted to climax with Michael in her, but he continued his torturous sensual assault and Liz surrendered. Coming as Michael gently bit her clit.

Michael slid his body against hers as he kissed her. She could still taste herself on his tongue, the sensation more erotic than she thought possible. He began to touch her, sending a jolt of electricity through the layers of her skin.

She twined her hands with his and rolled them over until she was lying on top of him. She let go of his hands to place them on his erection. Languorously rubbing his shaft as she licked the outer shell of his ear. Biting gently on his earlobe before substituting her hands with her mouth. She used her teeth to scrape against his skin as she moved her lips up and down his length. Michael’s hands tangled in her hair and he was shouting her name hoarsely.

Liz fumbled with his pant pocket until finding the foil packet they needed. She tore it open and slowly slid it onto Michael’s hard cock. He wasted no time in shifting their positions and claiming her entirely. As he pumped in and out of her he cried out his love. And as she came, her sheath tightening around him as her arms tightened their hold on him, she proclaimed her love.

Afterward, they lay on the hard concrete. Blown away by their reaction to each other. Still joined together.

“I’m sorry.” They both said at once.

“Why are you sorry?” They both answered.

“Michael. Shh. Let me speak.” Liz lay her finger on his lips when he went to speak. “I should have realized what my going with Max would make you think. I should have been more considerate of how you felt. But you need to know this. I choose you. You are the one I love. You are the other half of me. And that can’t change. It won’t ever change. I love you, Michael Guerin. Even when you go crazy on me and doubt my love for you.

“By the way. Max was right. It was a message.”

“Really? What did it say?”

“Something about there is more you have to fear. The end is near. Son and father will meet. And expect the royal four’s defeat.”


“I know. I’m not even sure what it means you know.”

“Yeah. About that whole thing Liz. I’m sorry too. I know you love me. It’s just hard to believe that you’d pick me.”

“Not so hard Michael. You are the only one who has never betrayed me. You are the one who has protected me at every turn. It’s always been you. I should have just realized it sooner. I saw the notebook.”

“And?” There was a wealth of meaning in that one question. Liz knew that she could either make or break Michael with her answer. So she said the first thing that came to mind.

“How is it that you are the only one who really sees me? And how is it that I am always beautiful in your eyes?”

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