Monday, June 12, 2017

seriously romantic: kiss me, kill you by larissa c. hardesty

in larissa c. hardesty's debut paranormal ya, kiss me, kill you, the supernatural beings at the heart of the story are succubi and incubi. not your usual paranormal heroes. at least, not the paranormal stuff i've read. anyway, a romance with a succubus is going to be a tragedy, right?

poor emmy has no idea why people are starting to look at her funny. or why guys seem to give in to her every demand, well almost all guys. paul andinn, however, seems to have no problem saying no. and he's the only guy she is actually interested in. of course her mom and her best friend, lily, keep telling her there's no reason to settle for just one guy. and there is no such thing as love.

but she's read enough books to know that no one would spend as much time writing about love if it wasn't something real. when she asks paul out and he declines she is so mortified that when the school playboy asks her out on a date she says yes. and suddenly, even though everyone in her life had been telling her to play the field, they all warn her against kissing.

paul knows she should be kissing anyone. she's untrained, she doesn't know or understand their heritage. she is a succubus, he is the incubus in charge of watching her. and the demonic powers that require they collect souls as payment for their very existence on the mortal plane, are watching both of them. because when paul kisses a girl to feed his own hunger, emmy kisses jake. and when he passes out mid-kiss because she has no idea what her power does, paul has to help her fix things.

once emmy is finally clued into her heritage the action really picks up. paul has to admit that he has strong feelings for emmy. but they both have to get away from the powers all-seeing eyes. they learn that they can't trust anyone but each other. the journey that they take, the danger that they are in, the stakes are so high. because neither of them is a killer, it doesn't matter that their very existence demands they kill humans. somehow they will make things work. because what they feel for one another means more than everything else.

the story closes and their future isn't clear and the danger is real. there's no cliffhanger, but this does have series potential.

**kiss me, kill you will publish on june 12, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (digiteen) in exchange for my honest review. 

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