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something from the archives: say goodbye - part 23

so just a warning this part is pretty steamy with all the breakfast balcony sex and by the lakeshore sex. if you want to catch up on parts 123456789101112131415161718192021, and 22, click on the links. read on for part 23.

Part 23 

Michael and Liz sat outside on Liz’s balcony, enjoying the morning and the breakfast Michael had put together. He had made strawberry crepes with a light crème sauce and granola topped with fresh fruits, homemade yogurt, and honey. Everything tasted amazing.

“This is decadence. And you, Michael, are a keeper.”

“A keeper, huh?”

“Any man who can cook the way you do is a keeper.”

“Mmm.” Michael responded absently. Liz’s lips fascinated him. Actually, on the whole Liz fascinated him, but right now he was thinking about her taste. She was sweeter than honey and that thought gave him an idea.

Liz was perplexed as she watched as Michael stick his finger in the honey and bring it to her lips, tracing their shape with his fingertip. She reflexively made as if to lick her lips, when Michael slowly placed his mouth over hers and slid his tongue between her lips.

Liz moaned as Michael gently sucked and pulled on her lips, their tongues dueling in a dance that drove her wild with desire. Liz felt as Michael ran his fingers through her hair, down her back, and parting her robe. His mouth abandoned hers to lavish attention on her breasts. He teased her nipples with his mouth pushing her beyond the brink of mindlessness.

“You taste so good.” Michael groaned as he sunk to his knees and thrust his tongue between the sensitive folds that formed Liz’s core. Liz could only feel. In that moment he consumed her. Michael was her universe.

The sensations sped throughout her body, every part of her that Michael touched sung. Her heart was bursting with love. As Michael suckled gently on her clit, she came tightening her legs around Michael’s neck. Crying out his name in ecstasy.

Michael got up and swept her in his arms, he took them to her bed and proceeded to behave very badly. The little box of condoms he had brought with him the night before was quite depleted when they were through.

They lay on Liz’s bed. Almost glowing with the efforts of the past hour. She rested her head on his shoulders. And he rubbed her back absently. They were both lost in thought. Thinking of each other.

“Michael?” Liz asked.


“What about…um…what about the lake?” Liz hesitated as she spoke. She still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of discussing her relationship with Michael beyond the reaches of the bedroom.

She loved him. No doubt about it. But she knew that the group’s reaction would have a strong bearing on their happiness. She wanted to believe that true love conquered all, but she already knew it didn’t. Sometimes, what felt most real wasn’t. And Liz was afraid her heart still had a chance of breaking. Only she didn’t think she could survive losing Michael.

“What about it?”

“You still want to go?”

“Yeah. Come on.” Michael said as he kissed the top of her head as he got up. “Let’s go. I have plans for you.”

“Michael, if these plans are better than breakfast, I don’t know how I will ever live without you again.”

“Hmm. Well, you’ll never have to.”

Liz smiled into Michael’s eyes and gave him a kiss, before scampering out of bed herself. He wasn’t the only one with plans. And Michael had better keep an eye out because a determined Liz Parker wasn’t easy to sway.


The lake was beautiful as always, the lush green of the oasis back-dropped by the harsh grimness of the desert. But Michael and Liz weren’t concerned with the beauty of their surroundings. What mattered today were dreams. And both Michael and Liz were about to make them come true.

They stripped for each other on the shore. Shedding each item of clothing with a sense of liberation, reveling in the feelings they had for one another. Liz had always wanted to watch as Michael disrobed; in fact, she had always peeked when Michael stripped the other times he had brought them to the lake. Michael was thinking the exact same thing. Except watching Liz teasingly pull at the edges of her baby blue panties was driving him crazy with want. He wanted all of Liz in his arms, right then and there.

He walked toward her with a sense of purpose. Standing close by as she removed the final article of clothing from her body. And taking her up in his arms he walked them into the water. Its soft heat surrounding them as the New Mexico sun bore down on their backs.

Michael’s hands tangled up in Liz’s hair. The silken strands bringing them close together. He brought his hands to her face and trailed the water drops that made their way down her skin. Their faces close together, he brushed his lips across hers.

Liz stopped breathing. All she wanted was to feel Michael’s body against hers, moving inside of hers. And feeling his breath mingling with hers, his hands twined in her hair, Liz gave herself up completely. To feeling. To love. To passion. To utter madness. To Michael.

Standing in the shallow depths of water, Michael pulled Liz tightly against him. Wanting to feel her smooth skin rub his. She was stunning in her perfection. And her smile was captivating.

Liz had to touch him, feel the strength he held within. Michael was a rock, the stonewall, and his corded muscles and smooth skin were testament to the fact. Liz kissed the groove of his neck, before sliding down to lave attention on his hardened nipples.

Michael watched as Liz explored his body, allowing her to touch and lick without restriction. But he wanted to worship her. Show her how much he wanted her. And only her. That she was the only person occupying his thoughts, his fantasies.

He pushed them towards the shore and they lay back against the sand, spreading their forgotten garments into a blanket. Michael’s hardened cock fitted against Liz’s heated warmth. He wanted this to go slowly, the reality of the fantasy to last forever, but feeling Liz in his arms, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he claimed her as his completely. Pausing a moment to look through the scattered clothing, he snagged a condom from one of his pockets and slid it on his hard shaft.

Then their hands were everywhere on each other’s bodies. Caressing, touching, mapping out each other’s physique, paying special attention to the sensitive spots. Kissing, licking, nibbling, loving each other.

It wasn’t long before Liz throbbed with a need, an ache that only Michael could ease. Michael to felt the need, the ache, he needed to be inside Liz, fill the void, within both their souls. The void that only they could fill for each other.

And as Michael thrust into her, their skin sliding easily against each other, the water gently surrounding them as they became one. Their hearts melded together. Somehow, some way, all would be right.

“I love you baby.”

Liz smiled at Michael, into his eyes, into his heart. Saying the words although they no longer needed to be said. “Michael, I love you.” 

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