Wednesday, June 21, 2017

slightly silly: unbreakable kimmy schmidt, season 3

this show, you guys, is totally insane.

the characters are actual cartoon characters. and they get so many things wrong about race and cultural appropriation. and yet the aura of absurdity that surrounds everyone inhabiting kimmy's corner of new york somehow lets you move on, even if you do not fully forgive the show for its faults.

this latest season starts out and everyone is off the rails in separate storylines, but over the course of the season things start to converge and the one thing i have to admit about this show is that all the actors have fantastic chemistry. it honestly seems like they are having an absolute ball filming this thing.

from titus's epic lemonade homage:

to jacqueline's successfully advocating for a name change to the washington redskin's football team. while lillian boycotts a new grocery store and falls in love with the owner. 

to kimmy not getting a divorce, getting into columbia, flunking out of columbia, losing her dream of being a crossing guard because she's married to a registered sex offender to finding her dream job. 

every moment, every crazy inside joke, finds a way to make complete sense by the end. but when you are watching it the only thing you can think is that these people be crazy. ah well. at least it makes for great background watching while i'm working on other things.

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