Wednesday, June 7, 2017

seriously romantic: blackmailing the bad girl by nina croft

book 2 in the cutting loose series does not disappoint, blackmailing the bad girl's summer delaney thinks she's done her time. unfortunately, one of her earlier marks, nik masterton begs to differ. three years ago she intrigued him and then took him for a fool, stealing money he thought she wasn't interested in.

now that she's out, he wants payback. except she has nothing to offer him. she's hidden the money away in a trust for her mother. and she won't risk that being exposed and her mother suffering any more than she has already. even though summer knows that what she did to nik was wrong, she believes he deserves it. not in the least because he never told her who he was. she thought he was the maintenance man, not the ceo. and she hates big business. she's been let down by it one too many times.

of course, he's totally autocratic when he decides that she's just going to work off her debt as his assistant. except he's paying her a salary. and he's really concerned about her welfare. and he can't stop himself from staying close to her. and the embers of that spark that burned between them all those years ago come alight. because the truth is she got under his skin then and she's burrowed deeper into his heart now. and she feels the same way about him.

he's everything she's supposed to resent and hate. but all those assumptions she's made about him, they fall apart the more time they spend together. but how can their lives ever mesh with her past, her crimes, coming between them? it's not that he holds them against her, in fact, he's so ready to forgive her that he knows instinctively that she did this for a noble reason. the truth is, she holds her past against her own future, she knows that she didn't fully pay for the crimes she committed. and going back to prison is something she doesn't think she can survive.

in the end, they will need to trust each other. its a big ask for a former thief and a cynical ceo, but how they come to terms works out so beautifully. i loved summer and nik together. nik is seriously a dreamboat. summer doesn't make things easy on him, but the truth of his feelings is so apparent early on. if his heart hadn't been involved at the outset there is no way he does what he does.

**blackmailing the bad girl will publish on june 12, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (brazen) in exchange for my honest review.

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