Wednesday, June 28, 2017

seriously romantic: coming up for air by miranda kenneally

this is the perfect young adult contemporary to read by the pool, especially given that levi and maggie basically spend all their time at the pool. they've been swimming together for ages and have been best friends forever. and they also happen to be two elite competitive swimmers vying for spots on the us national olympic team. levi has his tryout all sewn up, but maggie is still competing for hers, so the last thing she needs are any distractions.

but when a college visit highlights how much she's been missing on a social level, she realizes that she needs to use her senior year to prepare. here's the thing: when it comes to kissing, levi is kind of an expert. and she already spends so much time with him anyway, so what could go wrong?

the problem is, so many things go right when she and levi start kissing. every time they touch it's like sparks fly and they were meant to be in each other's arms. but with all the kissing, comes feelings. and suddenly levi and maggie aren't communicating the way they used to. and this newfound awkwardness between them is distracting maggie like crazy when it comes to the pool. especially when it seems like she isn't going to qualify in her signature stroke.

the stakes are actually pretty high for both maggie and levi. getting their relationship on track and their heads in the water is super important. but this is what makes them so relatable. it doesn't matter how gifted or talented you are, you always have the capacity to indulge in romantic drama. setting it right is a little more challenging, but it's really fun to read coming up for air, while maggie and levi figure it all out. or at least figure most of it out. they're teenagers after all.

**coming up for air will publish on july 4, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/sourcebooks fire in exchange for my honest review. 

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