Sunday, June 4, 2017

seriously romantic: abandoned by rhonda pollero

in abandoned, emma mckinley returns to purdue, florida with a new identity and a mission to discover more about the worst time of her life. her father was shot and killed after assassinating the president, and recently she's been getting notes questioning his motives. he never really had any motives that were clear to anyone.

she thought she'd left that part of her life behind her, but the truth is it still affect her choices even now. she became a lawyer in part because she believes in justice. and maybe it's time to make sure that justice was served on that long ago night.

it's hard to keep secrets in purdue. and from her first encounter with conner kavanaugh, the local sheriff, she's somehow managed to blow her ability to fly under the radar. not that the town grapevine would ever have let her fly under the radar. not with the wealth a her fingertips, her harvard law degree being put to use as a public defender, and her ability to collect stray people in need of a second chance.

with conner that first night, sparks flew. and the more often they encounter each other, the hotter things get. conner's got baggage of his own to deal with. but he can't help himself when there's a woman in danger. and emma is clearly in someone's crosshairs.

once emma and conner get over their trust issues, there's really only the pesky problem of the escalating threats against emma's life that get in the way of their relationship. but unlike exposed, the first book in the series, this story focuses more on the relationship and less on the suspense. in the end, the resolution to a decades old crime is less intense than an evil ex-husband terrorizing you. but this isn't a bad thing. it's just a different flavor of intrigue.

**abandoned will publish on june 4, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/grand central publishing (forever yours) in exchange for my honest review.

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