Wednesday, June 28, 2017

slightly silly: the originals, season 4

you guys, my shipper heart can't take the heartbreak.

i mean, i get why hayley and elijah probably shouldn't be together. (let's not even try to calculate the age difference) and i actually enjoy the originals for more than hayley and elijah. and this season, this show has been so good. the little girl they have playing hope mikaelson is fantastic. but beyond that, this season all these monsters, not just the mikaelsons, but the witches and marcel and his crew,  have come together and faced their demons and really searched for redemption.

facing the hollow, the biggest bad of them all, there's no quarter. things go from bad, to worse, to the worst in the blink of an eye, or snap of a finger. and there's nothing else to be done.

for a family that has vowed always and forever, a family that have lived and fought and loved for 1000 years, to end up where they do it's devastating. i mean, sure some of them get happy ever afters, i'm glad for rebekah and marcel, davina and kol, and freya and keelin. but the heart and soul of this show is the love of two brothers, klaus and elijah. everything revolves around them. and sure they've been monsters for 1000 years, but we love them regardless. i love them regardless. and it can't end this way. it just can't.

so i'm so happy that there is a season 5. because their story could not end here. and there has to be a way to get the gang back together. it's the only way i can be okay with that finale.

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