Tuesday, November 15, 2016

strictly literary: devil and the bluebird by jennifer mason-black

devil and the bluebird is jennifer mason-black's debut young adult novel. blue riley is searching for her sister, cass. after making a deal with the devil where she must give up her voice for a pair of boots that function as a compass--where north happens to be her sister's location--she embarks on a cross-country adventure with nothing but her backpack and her mom's guitar.

there's magic in this story, music in the words. blue's story is one of love and loss. she learns a lot about herself, about her talent, her ability to survive, and she learns the truth about her past and how those truths give her a different perspective on her family and the hurts that were more complicated than they looked.

in the end, blue learns that in order to survive, in order to save herself and her sister, she needs to believe in herself. she needs to believe in the music that she holds within her soul. she needs to believe in the music she hears in other's souls. not speaking gives her the chance to take a person's measure in different ways. learning to communicate without words, learning how to really listen to the things left unsaid.

i think this was just a beautiful story. and what a pretty cover. it's so nice when the words inside are as pretty as the picture on the outside.

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