Tuesday, November 8, 2016

seriously romantic: more than friends by jody holford

owen and gabby have been best friends and neighbors for a long time. ever since they both went through some painful breakups while recently moving into the same apartment building. owen comes from a crazy, loud family and all he wants is a quiet christmas. but when his little white lie that he didn't want to leave his new girlfriend alone over the holidays results in his entire family planning to spend christmas at his place he begs gabby to pretend to be his girl.

more than friends, that's exactly what gabby would like to be. but owen has never given the slightest indication that he even realizes she's a girl. she's his friend and she is so stuck in the zone. so she keeps hoping that by agreeing to this pretense, she'll get this aching want for him out of her system. maybe the forced proximity will reveal that they aren't perfect for each other.

except she isn't that lucky. or maybe she is? because while she is having a hard time resisting falling even more head over heels in love with owen, he is suddenly realizing that the girl across the hall is exactly what he wants in a woman, and he'd be a fool to keep their relationship a ruse.

but because they are lying, everything is complicated. neither of them can tell when the other is faking, mainly because neither of them are faking, but it's all so confusing. and when owen's loud, boisterous family shows up everything kind of blows up.

even worse, it blows up because while the relationship between owen and gabby is so very real, they keep lying to each other about stupid things. and these stupid lies reveal themselves in the worst sort of way. owen tries so hard to make things right, but he really messes up and hurts gabby incredibly. and even though it was entirely unintentional, he has to work pretty hard to win her back. which he does. just in time for the new year.

**more than friends will publish on december 5, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (bliss) in exchange for my honest review. 

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