Wednesday, November 16, 2016

seriously romantic: managed by kristen callihan

book 2 in the vip series doesn't start out with quite the same literal bang as idol, but managed gets you hooked quickly with the delightful banter between sophie darling and gabriel scott. gabriel is used to being an island. as the kill john's manager he's taken care of business and made himself and his friends very, very rich. but he's also held himself apart. no one cracks his walls, until he's seated next to sophie on a transatlantic flight and finds her constant verbal assault a distraction for his very real fear of flying. in those early moments he comes so close to opening up, that it's not until she reveals that she's coming to new york to interview for the kill john team that he realizes that he needs to take a step back.

gabriel tries so hard to stay away. he tries so hard to stop himself from making a claim on sophie that he can't take back. and he completely and utterly fails at this. everyone knows it. except, of course, for sophie and gabriel. they spend a lot of the book denying themselves. they deny the depth of connection that they feel. they aching need they have for one another. the fact that when they are in each other's arms the rest of the world fades away and they are at peace.

it takes a lot for them to finally accept it. and even then their past hurts and vulnerabilities almost keep them apart. luckily it really was a silly misunderstanding that is easily solved by one grand gesture on gabriel's part. i don't always love the grand gesture plots, but in this case it worked because it brings the novel full circle.

i can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store for the kill john boys.

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