Wednesday, November 2, 2016

seriously romantic: compromising her position by samanthe beck

i came across the compromise me series on netgalley, actually reading the sequel to this book first. but since i decide when i post things, i'm reviewing compromising her position first. this sexy contemporary read follows chelsea wayne and rafe st. sebastian from a super steamy meet-cute in a supply closet to a marriage proposal in the aforementioned closet.

the thing about romance novels is that once you've figured out the main players, you generally know where things will end up. romance novels are not only about happy endings, they are also about the journey it takes to get there. chelsea and rafe have a slightly bumpy road, but the moments that we witness of how they build their relationship on off-the-charts chemistry are so worth it.

there's a lot of sexy back-and-forth, and you guys, it's really sexy. rafe is totally a take-charge in the bedroom kind of guy, and the push-and-pull he gets from chelsea only intensifies things. beyond that the characters are also smart, hardworking people. the business plot provides the framework for the novel, but it's all the time rafe and chelsea don't spend on business that matters.

in the end, there was no way these two crazy kids were going to not end up together, and the way they figure that out, is probably one of the best scenes in the novel. who knew supply closets could be so entertaining.

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