Tuesday, November 22, 2016

seriously romantic: firelight by kristen callihan

i'd been reading callihan's contemporary series and was all caught up when i realized there was a historical series i could check out. firelight takes place in victorian london, but there are people inhabiting this london that have special abilities. miranda ellis is one of these people, her ability to start fire with no kindling has been both a blessing and a curse. a blessing because it has provided protection from unsavory elements and a curse because this ability is what in part caused her father's ruin. when benjamin archer first encounters miranda he is entranced. she is still too young and he has his own secrets.

when he approaches her father years later and asks for her hand in marriage it is because he can't stay away, her allure is too strong and he doesn't have much time before the darkness that has been consuming him swallows him whole. as the story unravels, we get to the truth behind archer and miranda's secrets. this opens their eyes to a whole new world beyond the one we see at first sight.

i didn't know the darkest london series was paranormal romance, but i have enjoyed them even though they aren't my usual cup of tea. they are romances above all, firelight for example borrows heavily from the beauty and the beast fairy tale, but this retelling works because the characters of miranda and archer are so well drawn, they go beyond the fairy tale they're drawn from and are so much more. this london they inhabit is worth exploring, so lucky me that there are seven more books in the series!

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