Friday, November 25, 2016

seriously romantic: moonglow by kristen callihan

moonglow is the second book in the darkest london series. it takes on the story of two characters we met in firelight: daisy ellis craigmore, miranda's older sister; and ian rannulf, archer's friend/rival. daisy is recently widowed and is feeling reckless after enduring a loveless marriage. she craves attention and affection. always a free-spirit, she's been bound by propriety and society for too long.

while at a party she crosses paths with ian, who notes her attention but has no intention of getting involved. he's had enough tangling with her family after miranda and archer settled down together. but then daisy finds herself in the midst of a werewolf attack. and ian saves her and takes her back to heal. he is especially concerned by the attack, given that he is a lycan and his brother is the current head of the lycan family.

daisy finds herself pulled into this supernatural world, and she loves it. the danger, the adventure speak to her free spirited soul. she feels more herself with ian than she ever has with anyone else. as they resolve the mystery of the rogue werewolf, ian and daisy realize that in each other they have found something truly special. and how callihan makes their love story work is well worth the read. so far moonglow  has been my favorite book of the series.

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