Monday, November 21, 2016

seriously romantic: the twelve days of dash & lily by rachel cohn and dave levithan

it's fitting that there's a blizzard happening outside just this moment. because it doesn't feel weird to write that it's christmastime and we have another wonderful adventure to enjoy with dash and lily in the twelve days of dash & lily. i loved their first outing dash & lily's book of dares, and it's been a year since dash and lily found each other and it's been hard to keep the romance of the holidays alive throughout the year.

part of the problem is that lily's beloved grandfather suffered a heart attack in the spring and since then nothing has felt quite right. dash doesn't know what to do to get through to lily. but he knows something is off, because it's christmas and it's her favorite time of year and she isn't feeling it. lily isn't sure of what she is feeling. she knows things are all wrong but she doesn't know how to fix it. she's the ray of sunshine, the incurable optimist, who can't stop feeling like everything around her is falling apart.

dash knows he needs to make things right for lily. so he enlists her entire family and their friends in another whirlwind scavenger hunt through manhattan, and in doing so proves to lily how much he really cares about her. how much he loves her. it's such a delight spending time with all these characters again. and as the magic of christmas brings joy to one and all, dash and lily are more in love than ever and it's wonderful.

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