Monday, November 7, 2016

seriously romantic: forever charmed by dawn chartier

the story of forever charmed isn't bad.

see the synopsis:

rose morgeaux is a healer, not a killer, so training to fight is the last thing she wants to do. and if going against everything she believes in isn’t bad enough, she has to do it with the eyes of the dark and handsome callahan mccray on her back.
cal’s seen the work of warlocks firsthand when one killed his brother a year ago, so rose’s hybrid heritage is all the reason he needs to stay away. teaching her to throw a knife was not on his agenda, but neither was falling for her.
when rose begins to pay a heavy price for her passions, cal’s love must be enough to save her from herself and keep her from following in her grandfather’s dark footsteps.
sounds good right? my problem with this book was the writing style. it was so abrupt and the character's internal monologues made them sound like morons. it was so hard to get through. which is such a bummer, because i love young adult romance and i enjoy supernatural stuff. when we aren't in the character's heads and they are interacting like actual humans do, the chemistry between the two leads is good. all in all, this was a frustrating read, due entirely to the writing style. it certainly wasn't the fact that this was the third book in a series that bothered me. it stands alone just fine. i just didn't enjoy the voice in this book, which is such a bummer and seems crazy to me given how rich and crazy good it could have been. i mean the french quarter? witches? i love that stuff. hello, i watch the originals. it's one of my favorite shows. this was definitely not my favorite book. and i feel bad about it, even though i totally shouldn't. but i want to like the books i read. i really do.
**forever charmed will publish on november 7, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (covet) in exchange for my honest review.

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