Thursday, September 22, 2016

something from the archives: headlong - part 6

um, so this part gets a bit steamy.

here are some handy links to parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. you know the drill for part 6.

Part 6 

Liz said nothing as Michael slammed the door of the car. His mood had gone from good to bad to worse over the course of the evening. But she couldn’t figure out what it was that was bothering him. After all, this had been his idea, and it was working like a charm.

For the first time in her entire life Kyle Valenti was seeing not his good old buddy Liz, but attractive woman Liz. And it felt so good.

Liz said nothing as Michael drove with a serious case of road rage. She said nothing as he went the opposite direction of home. She wasn’t too anxious to get home either.

Kyle and Isabel would be there.

Actually, that wasn’t the reason she didn’t want to get home. She really didn’t want this evening to end. Even with Michael’s crappy mood, she’d been having such a good time. She’d felt like she and Michael were connecting.

And he was a good kisser.

She said nothing as Michael eased into a parking spot, even though she was sure he’d get a ticket. She knew he didn’t want to hear that now.

She said nothing as she followed him outside.

She said nothing as she moved to stand next to him and take his hand.

She said nothing as they walked up Broadway, towards Times Square. Even this late the city was alive. Light cast from store windows, apartments, billboards, streetlamps, taking place of the moon and stars hidden by the glare in the night sky. And people hurried, minding their own business, thinking of their own heartaches, or their quiet joy, as they walked on by.

Liz said nothing. She held Michael’s hand and leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked together. And she felt the moment his anger dissipated to nothing. She felt the way his grasp on her tightened.

They stood on the corner of 45th and Broadway waiting for the crosswalk to light up, the Cup of Noodles beaming down on them where they stood, when suddenly without words their lips met hungry, afraid, needing, wanting. Liz’s arms clasped tightly around his neck, her fingers threaded through his hair. He brought her flush against him, his hands at her back, pulling her closer, as close as he could bring her.

They separated. Breathing heavily. Their eyes meeting in a stunned instant before skittering away from one another.

“Let’s go home.”

With those words Michael broke the silence that lay between them. But there was still so much they couldn’t say.


So it was in silence that they both walked back to the car, and in silence they rode all the way back home. It was in silence that they walked into the apartment, Michael locking the door behind him, expecting Liz to go on to her room after hanging their coats. Expecting to go on alone into his.

But when he turned, shrugging off his jacket Liz was waiting. She took his hands in hers, and led him into her bedroom. Closing the door behind them, she hushed him before he could ask her all the questions that were running through his head.

She kissed him. Madly, deeply. With all the passion he knew she had inside.

And he kissed her. Wildly, searingly. With all the love he felt for her.

They tumbled onto her bed, tearing off each others clothing. His tie lay mangled on the floor next to three buttons and his shirt. Her dress lay in a puddle at her feet, the straps having snapped. She fiddled with the buttons at his waist, he struggled with the clasp to her bra.

They never stopped kissing, their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Soon enough they were both completely nude and nearly wild with desire.

Michael pushed Liz back towards the head of the bed, he was going to worship the woman he loved, he was going to show her a night she would never forget. It was already a night he would always remember.

He needed to feel her, all of her. Skin to skin, heart to heart, soul to soul, they would explore each other.

Liz kissed his neck and sucked gently at the base, where his pulse throbbed with increasing rapidity. Michael ran his hands down her shoulders, her arms, relishing the feel of her smooth skin against his hands. He couldn’t believe that he was holding her in his arms. He wouldn’t let her go now. Ever.

Slowly he reached to knead her small breasts. She was so small yet so perfect. He played with her nipples, rubbing the hard tips between his fingers before laving it with his tongue. Suckling gently he pulled on the rosy peak until she moaned and writhed beneath him.

She tangled her hands in his hair, pulling it slightly as he pleased her. Bending slightly, she ran her tongue across the outer shell of his ear, before sucking gently on his sensitive earlobe.

Michael groaned at the feel of Liz’s mouth against his skin. He continued his descent, spreading kisses across her flat stomach. She leaned back breathing in short rapid gasps, tensed in anticipation of what was to come.

Stopping only to look up at her as he reached the curls at the juncture of her thighs. Gently, he pressed a kiss against her most private of parts. She was already wet and ready for him, anxious for his next move. With his fingers he opened the womanly folds and lightly began tracing patterns against her heated skin.

Liz’s body bucked slightly in response, begging for more, always wanting more. Slowly he inserted his finger and began pushing in and out of her as she moaned in response. Feeling her tense up he replaced his finger with his tongue, thrusting in and out of her, tasting the essence of her. He made love to her with his hands, then his mouth. He wanted her to see the stars that hid in the New York sky.

Liz felt as if she was going insane, Michael’s mouth making her crazy with want. She moaned his name, begging him to soothe the ache she felt as her body throbbed with an intense need. She had never felt this much need. She had never wanted someone the way she wanted Michael to fill her at that moment. She needed to have him inside her or she’d explode with so much want.

Just when she thought she was about to explode Michael reached for his pants never stopping his assault on her senses touching her as he fumbled around his pockets for a condom and rolled it on his smooth hard cock before thrusting into her willing body with a vengeance.

Setting a hard fast pace they mated wildly. Their sweat-slicked bodied rubbing up and down as Michael slid in and out of Liz’s tight sheath. They climaxed, shivering with passion and heightened emotion. Still sheathed inside her body, he rolled on the bed to hold her as she lay on him.

Still Liz said nothing. She held onto him even after he withdrew and cleaned them up. Her head cradled on his shoulder, she lay awake with her eyes closed, the rhythm of his heartbeat sounding in her ear.

Michael said nothing. He held her tightly and breathed in the scent of her on his skin. His mind raced with possible scenarios, but he feared that the only one that would be real was the one that had them not speaking.

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