Tuesday, September 6, 2016

simply the end of the road

well, that's it. the summer of swoki or hiddleswift or whatever other ridiculous portmanteau you can come up with to describe taylor swift and tom hiddleston's relationship has come to its natural end. summer lovin' fades once the cool wind of fall nips at your feet. but oh, the gossip they provided without really saying anything about it. they were all about showing not telling. they were papped on a whirlwind tour of the world--who does that? i will not speculate as to the reality of the relationship, my guess is that it was real for at least one of them. and my guess is that the disparate feelings proved to be too much to overcome distance.

what makes taylor swift as one-half celebrity couple so fascinating to me, is that somehow she elevates the drama. tom hiddleston is in his thirties. he is a man. he is a fucking adult and yet somehow he became part of some ridiculous high school drama. how she manages to get guys to go down to her level almost every time is fascinating. even when no one talks. there is still so much rumor and innuendo.

like i said to my bff, my biggest problem with taylor is that she refuses to own her bitchiness. girl, #teamheartlessbitch is amazeballs. stop pretending you are such a goody-goody and i'm 100% certain people will respect you for it.

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