Monday, September 26, 2016

seriously romantic: the right kind of guy by kerri-leigh grady

there is nothing wrong with the right kind of guy. as far as breezy, contemporary romance this fits the bill. it's supposed to be a romantic comedy, which i'm not sure i agree with. unlike hooked on love, also billed as a romantic comedy, i never laughed out loud. but i can see where the author was striving for a light-hearted tone.

the problem is that i found that tone super cringeworthy. the author's voice in the novel sounds like her voice on her blog, which is totally fine, i mean she wrote the book and she writes on her blog. but i just find it kind of...grating? and it felt weird to me that the female lead and the hero's sister would have the exact same voice. because instead of it being something unique and quirky specific to one of the characters, it was something that infused the entire novel. aaron was actually the best part of the novel. the women in the novel were all so annoying. it was just really weird to read. especially in a book written by a woman, for women (mainly).

when aaron has his inevitable blow-up with kelsey, it was so bizarre because that whole scene was exacerbated by his sister's presence. she was really the reason the two characters were unable to talk things through, and so it felt super weird that he was then forced into a ridiculous grand gesture. i really disliked his sister, jasmine. she's the reason he is in vegas, and she's acting like a lunatic, and in the end it was all on purpose to teach her brother a lesson and matchmake? she could have just had a conversation with her brother. the fact that he bears the brunt of their parents' panic and disapproval without any acknowledgement of how not cool it is from her just made me dislike her. it would have been better to just allow the attraction between kelsey and aaron grow without the appearance of intervention from jasmine. it would have happened anyway, so why does she need to take credit for it?

so, i think i would have liked this book better without the irritating secondary character. at least the cover is pretty?

**the right kind of guy will publish on october 17, 2016. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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