Thursday, September 22, 2016

simply admiring the puppet mastery

so i've never, ever been an angelina fan. but i have spent the last two days admiring her balls. this woman surprised her superstar husband with divorce papers on a tuesday morning. the man was blindsided. because the fact of the matter is that no celebrity ever releases shit like this on a tuesday morning. per the court documents the date of separation was september 15th. so this is recent, but that was a thursday, and there was plenty of time to bury the story on friday. especially since this weekend was the emmys and the story would have been lost amid the talk about who won or didn't win and who wore or didn't wear what.

no, angelina fucking jolie releases her news on a tuesday morning because she wants everyone to know. and she tells us that this is for the kids. she entrenches herself in the position of hardworking mother and intimates that her co-parent isn't up to the job. she cuts him out of the picture so completely i just can't help but appreciate how she delivers this news with a hint of how she plans to play the game. and the thing is you know she's got cards to play. so we're waiting on brad's move, but without her is he able to compete?

and even though there are these swirling rumors about affairs with co-stars and prostitutes you can see already that this isn't a narrative angelina is interested in pursuing. it's not one that fits her image. she was the other woman. having the guy who cheated with her cheat on her won't work for her. she is the woman people want. she's not the woman left behind with a gaggle of kids. so even if there was cheating, and to be honest i'm fairly certain that these two people had a marriage that was fairly open to exploring, angelina isn't going to be the jilted woman. she's not divorcing brad for her sake, she's doing it for the sake of her children.

angelina fucking jolie is so noble that she will leave the love of her life because it is better for her kids. that is what she wants us to believe. is it true? who knows. that's not the point. the point is that she controls the story. and brad? well he's going to need to figure some shit out. because she's been controlling their story for years now, and if he wants to come out of this unscathed he's going to need to play the game her way. she holds all the cards. let's see if his ego realizes that before he's had a chance to make his first move, he's already lost.

eta: i wrote all of the above last night, only to wake up this morning to find out that brad pitt is being investigated for child abuse. the alleged abuse is verbal and physical, and i'm sure that there is truth to this. is it a pattern of behavior for him, maybe? we have heard from sources that they have different parenting styles; he's the disciplinarian, angelina is more laid back. could this be a way to frame divergent parenting styles, maybe? as i said above, she is controlling this narrative and she is a master at it. it's his move next, and if he settles up quickly it will likely be to preserve his reputation. i don't know that we could read more into it than that regarding his guilt or innocence. but if he decides to take a stand on this, well, this will be one divorce that will blow up pretty spectacularly. i think he caves though. he is going to lose either way.

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