Monday, September 12, 2016

seriously romantic: refuge by karen lynch

so i totally binge-read refuge after i finished up relentless. i don't love a ton of supernatural romance stuff, but this hits the city of bones/vampire diaries/the originals sweet spot for me. just the right amount of supernatural stuff mixed in with the angsty teen drama.

i enjoyed the second half of refuge way more than the first half, mostly because there wasn't enough nikolas in the first half. it still boggles the mind how easily sara can misinterpret how he feels about her and what he thinks of her, but it does set up the killer cliffhanger at the end of the book. rogue better not delay introducing nikolas, because his and sara's relationship elevates the books in my opinion. it's not creepy twilight-esque bella and edward stuff. sara is an actual badass. in refuge she makes some new friends and we actually get to know more about her special abilities. the things she discovers she can do are pretty cool.

but we also learn more about the bond between nikolas and sara. for the first time we actually get to hear nikolas lay out exactly how he feels. it's so obvious to everyone else but sara, but we are stuck in her head so that particular moment is so fulfilling. i mean, obviously i'm totally shipping them here, and i'm obsessed with the two of them. but the novel still d
eals with some of the themes of friendship and family that the first book did. we delve a bit more into the larger mythology being built and it's all pretty cool.

i did figure out the person who betrays the mohiri well before anyone else figured it out. but i've said before that being able to figure stuff like this out doesn't bother me, it really doesn't. though sometimes i can't help but wonder how people don't see all the signs. the red herring wasn't strong enough either.

anyway, i've already downloaded rogue. can't wait to devour it. and i might also check out warrior releasing later this year. it tells the same story from nikolas's side of things, i can't decide if i will find that enchanting or repetitive. especially since sara can be so frustrating some times and being in her head allows you some sympathy.

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