Thursday, September 29, 2016

simply trying to dispel the myths

i was texting with my sister and brother today about politics. which is obviously never a good idea. but i was surprised to learn how my brother has bought into the narrative that hillary clinton is a criminal who should be locked up.

there are so many articles and investigations that provide evidence that this narrative is a vicious lie. but it's one that is so ingrained in people's minds that the mere fact that you are innocent before proven guilty, never mind that in all the investigations into hillary she's been proven innocent or at least not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, seems to escape people's minds entirely.

i've been struggling with what this election has brought out in this country. i am not saying that hillary clinton is the perfect candidate. i don't always agree with her voting record. i think she is human. as a masterful politician i think she is opportunistic and bends the truth to her advantage (and let's be clear, she does this less than most other politicians, since she is rated the second most truthful major political candidate at the moment).but i think she cares deeply for our country. i think she believes she can make a difference in people's lives. she has made a difference in people's lives in her long political career. and the anger and disrespect and vitriol towards her just speaks of such awful misogyny and sexism.

it's stuff i can't believe is so prevalent in this country. but then there are white boys who assault an unconscious woman who get three months in jail because their future is somehow more important than their female victim's. and when i think that there is this woman who is more qualified than anyone else ever to run for office, this woman whose opponent is a sorry excuse for a human being, barely qualified to be the noxious reality television star that he is, and that this woman is attacked for not being attractive enough. as if looks ever meant anything regarding smarts or one's ability to govern. we don't vote for president based on attractiveness. (except maybe jfk, and really that's the only reason his myth lives on because he was actually a fairly mediocre president).

there's this one ad that hillary's campaign put together that is basically all the disgusting things donald trump has said about women. as a woman it terrifies me that this man could be the next president of the united states. i will do anything to stop that from happening. i'd move to fucking florida to have a vote that really counted. but mostly i'm going to vote. i'm going to make sure that my voice is heard. and i'm going to pray with everything i've got that my voice is part of the majority. for the future of this country, for my children's future i'm praying that donald trump comes no closer to the white house than the hotel he is building on pennsylvania avenue.

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