Friday, September 16, 2016

seriously romantic: off the hook by laura drewry

laura drewry kicks off her fishing for trouble series with middle brother liam o'donnell. the o'donnell brothers are desperately trying to save their father's small fishing lodge--the only home that any of them have ever known. but they are all stubborn and non-communicative and not big on sharing secrets from their past. so when kate hadley shows up representing the company that is ready to swoop in and take over the entire operation liam isn't sure what to do. how do you confess that you married a woman spur-of-the-moment 10 years ago, that it only lasted 5 days before you ran, and that while you've never stopped thinking of her, you've also never told anyone about it?

well there is no good way to share all that. off the hook is a great second-chance-at-love story though. the tension between liam and kate sizzles from the start, but they are all focussed on getting the lodge back in working order. the only problem is the looming tax bill due in a month. the tax bill issue provides enough of a complication that it helps inform the story, but it all reads naturally. the best part of the book is the relationship that builds between liam and kate, as well as the relationships between everyone working at the lodge. liam's brother, finn, and jessie, the long-term manager both add something more to the story. because in some way the story is not just about rebuilding this lodge. it's about rebuilding this family.

their childhood was horrid. and the boys all carry a lot of baggage. and in off the hook we get to see how liam's baggage is lightened. and i can't wait to see what the other books in the series have in store for finn and ronan, the eldest o'donnell brother.

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